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Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew

For young readers, the Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series is a great first introduction to our favorite girl sleuth.  In this series, Nancy is 8 years old, in the third grade, and still has her typical sidekicks, Bess Marvin and George Fayne, around.  Together they call themselves "The Clue Crew"  and use their wits to solve such daring mysteries as, "Where did the snowman go?" and "How is that pony getting out of the petting zoo?"  Nothing too scary for the young ones, but enough mystery and a few plot twists to ignite their love of all things Nancy Drew.  The books also offer an interactive quality by including a Clue Crew membership card in the first book (can be downloaded on Simon & Schuster's site) and a recipe or craft to go along with each story.  

Recommended Age:  6-9     Recommended Grade Level:  1-4     AR Book Level:  3.1-4.6

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Book List

Publication Dates:  2006 - 2015

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Book 1

Sleepover Sleuths

Oh NO! Is the slumber party over?  Dierdre had this night perfectly themed out with everyone bringing their favorite "City Girls" doll. But now, Dierdre's doll, Hollywood Heather, has gone missing!  Can Nancy, with the help of her bestfriends, Bess and George, solve the mystery and get this party started again?

Book 2

Scream for Ice Cream

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!"  It's a brand-new flavor ice cream making contest.  Of course, Nancy is sure her recipe is absolute tops, but then someone else's top-secret recipe disappears...

Book 3

Pony Problems

Buttons, the cutest little Shetland pony known to River Heights, is quite the escape artist with a fondness for the town's flowers.  That silly little pen at the petting zoo isn't going to keep him from having his favorite snack, no siree!  But, How is he getting out?!

Book 4

Cinderella Ballet Mystery

Fairy tales, glass slippers, and ballet - it's the perfect combination!  Nancy and her crew have been practicing really hard and are so excited to be putting on a ballet rendition of Cinderella, that is until the glass slippers vanished.  Now, Nancy, just like Cinderella, is watching the clock as she discerns the clues of where the slippers could have gone.

Book 5

The Case of the Sneaky Snowman

What do Sherlock, hot cocoa marshmallows, and strange coincidences have in common?  Dierdre.  Winter vacation has arrived and so have the shenanigans.  Dierdre has become a fortune teller who can see the future by reading your marshmallows - and she appears to be the real deal; which is a bit frightening to those involved.  Then to top things off, Nancy, Bess, and George's snowman, Sherlock, goes missing.  How does a snowman go missing?

Book 6

Fashion Disaster

It's a puppy fashion show!  As with all runway affairs, there has to be a diva involved - and this time someone stole her gourmet dog biscuits!  Can you believe someone would steal from the poor puppy?  Never fear, though, Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew are on the case and will have this thief sniffed out in no time.

Book 7

The Circus Scare

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages..."  The circus has come to town!  But what is happening to their props?  Nancy sets her sleuthing skills to helping the circus maintain it's "greatest show on earth" slogan.

Book 8

Lights, Camera... Cats!

Look out Hollywood, here they come!  Not only does the Clue Crew get to visit, but they also get to star as extras in a movie with Hollywood's most famous cat, FLUFFINGTON!  But alas, problems arise when Fluffington vanishes, and then the crew sets out to do what they do best, save the show.

Book 9

The Halloween Hoax

River Heights Fright Night!  While visiting the local television studio on Halloween night, the girls are in for quite a scare.  There are spooky noises and shadows everywhere.  But is it a ghost or is someone trying to intentionally frighten them?

Book 10

Ticket Trouble

Yay!  It's time for the fall festival, with games, and roller coasters, and yummy food!  The Crew, as well as the other kids of River Heights have been working hard and saving their pennies so they could buy lots of tickets and have the time of their lives.  Then, some meanie steals Ned's tickets!  But is the bandit really a meanie?

Book 11

Ski School Sneak

Bess is the suspect?  Just when everything looks great, they start sliding down the snowy slopes.  The girls were just having a lot of fun and Bess was even winning awards for her skiing talents.  Then someone had to go and tear up the supply room - and it looks like it might have been Bess.  Then a snowstorm comes and traps the girls in their location so they have two problems to solve:  clearing Bess' name and getting home.

Book 12

Valentine's Day Secret

There's nothing like being the third wheel.  While the Clue Crew is enjoying the day making stuffed animals at Farmer Fran's, someone sneaks Bess a mean Valentine in her plushie's pocket.  Of course Bess thinks it was George and now the two of them are fighting like cats and dogs, with poor Nancy caught in the middle.  How are they ever going to stitch this thing back together?

Book 13


Awe, the classroom pets are baby chicks - well soon-to-be outside the egg baby chicks, and everyone is soooo excited.  That is, everyone except that one little girl who thinks her birthday should belong to her, and her alone.  How dare those baby chicks think they can hatch on HER birthday?  But even she gets upset when the chicks disappear from the classroom.  This just might be one tough egg for Nancy to crack...

Book 14

The Zoo Crew

Fun times are ahead as The Clue Crew transforms into The Zoo Crew.  In this adventure they get to attend a three-day camp at the zoo where they get to learn about the animals and help the zookeepers out.  One of their main objectives is making toys for the animals to play with; but someone must not like this idea.  The toys the girls make by day, disappear by night.

Book 15

Mall Madness

It's back-to-school shopping time, with all the new school supplies!  First stop at the mall, The Pencil Box, where Nancy's neighbor Rodger works.  They have the best glittery notebooks around, and apparently a thief.  There's money missing from the cash register and it looks like Rodger might be guilty.  Can Nancy be a good neighbor and help him out?

Book 16

Thanksgiving Thief

Wild turkeys are running around town and all the favorite Thanksgiving dinner foods are disappearing!  Has River Heights gone to the birds?  In this adventure Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew are on a mission to save Thanksgiving.

Book 17

Wedding Day Disaster

Weddings are fun, beautiful, and expected to be perfect.  Nancy's cousin is getting married and has invited the entire Clue Crew to participate in the grand ceremonies.  Nancy gets to be the flower girl and Bess and George get to be in charge of rolling out the cake, a very important job indeed.  However, when the cake is brought out, a slice is missing!  Who would do such a thing?

Book 18

Earth Day Escapade

The Clue Crew's elementary school has decided to get in on the observance of Earth Day with a parade.  Who doesn't love a parade?  Well, there must be some who don't.  After Nancy's class worked so hard on making the greenest, most ecological float they could, someone sabotaged it!  Now it's up to Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew to stop the rain on this parade.

Book 19

April Fool's Day

Some pairs just go together, like April Fool's Day and good old-fashioned, nothing too harmful, pranks.  But sometimes things get taken just a little too far.  This time, Nancy, George, and Bess go to a friend's home for a little lighthearted fun at an April Fool's Day party; then things take a turn for the worst.  Some of the party attendees' fancy, new electronic gadgets are getting lost.  Some pranks are just not funny.

Book 20

Treasure Trouble

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew are on the hunt for buried treasure.  The girls receive an invitation to a pirate-themed birthday party at Barnacle Beach - and as with all good pirates, the treasure chest full of party favors is not to be easily found.  Will the girls be able to read the mysterious treasure map and make off with their best "hardy har har," yet?

Book 21

Double Take

Competition, competition, competition...  There is always competition.  On this case, The Clue Crew has to stay on their toes.  One of their classmates has decided they want in on the accolades and accomplishments, so they started up their own little sleuthing group and are trying to solve this latest case before Nancy, Bess, and George do.

Book 22

Unicorn Uproar

The town of River Heights is having a Medieval Festival, complete with everything, even a Unicorn named Sparkle, until Sparkle disappears.  This time Nancy finds herself in a bit of pickle when it looks like she might have made Sparkle disappear using a wand that she bought from the fortune-teller.

Book 23

Babysitting Bandit

Babysitting is a hard job!  And the Clue Crew finds this out with twins - not just one, but two babies.  At first things are going merrily along, but then the twins' toys begin disappearing.  Do you think they can figure out where the toys are going AND care for the babies, too?

Book 24

Princess Mix-Up Mystery

OH, someone is being awful malicious in this one.  Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew (Bess and George) head on over to the local princess makeover beauty parlor for a little girltime fun.  But when their hair is being set by what should be some wonderful, strawberry-scented hairspray, it is instead a terrible rotton-egg scented spray that turns their hair blue!

Book 25

Buggy Breakout

It's Bug Week at River Heights Elementary!  It's to be a fun time with a field-trip to the River Heights Insectarium and a bug show-and-tell in class.  However, things get really buggy when they get back from lunch and find that the prized beetle of the Bug Club's president has disappeared.

Book 26

Camp Creepy

Hannah (the Drew's housekeeper) is acting weird, a strange dog keeps showing up in the backyard, and Nancy, George, and Bess' competition project has been destroyed, along with it their chances of winning a free week to a summer camp near Taos, New Mexico.  What in the world is going on?  Could Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew have made a mistake and unknowingly angered the spirits of the Taos Indians by making a model of their pueblo?

Book 27

Cat Burgler Caper

The new movie in town has caused a resurrection of i-want-a-pet syndrome and the local pet shop, Pete's, is more than happy to oblige.  Pete has gotten some of the cutest little beagle pups in for just the occasion and to supply the demand.  He also has some of the cutest little kittens in a back corner just waiting to be ready for adoption... but could these kittens be stolen?  There are kittens missing from the River Heights Animal Shelter and things just look a little bit off.  But I'm sure Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew will straighten out this litter in no time.

Book 28

Time Thief

About 30 years ago, the students of River Heights Elementary buried a time capsule with toys and bits and pieces of their daily lives.  Today, Nancy and her schoolmates are gathering together to watch Principal Newman dig it up.  They even have a special guest on hand for the occasion, Mona Mandrake, the president of Sapphire Toys.  Her company is the manufacturer of Margie dolls and one of the first to be made is supposed to be in the time capsule.  The key phrase here is "supposed to be"...

Book 29

Designed for Disaster

The students of Nancy's art class are given the instruction to form a team and work together designing a line of clothing.  They later find out their teacher plans to enter the designs into a contest.  The winning team will participate in an upcoming fashion show and get to model their designs.  It's quite a competition and many of the teams want the grand prize, but are some willing to do just about anything to ensure their win?  Designs and samples are missing and somehow the models keep getting tripped.

Book 30

Dance Off

The famous and exciting reality show, Kids Can Dance, is holding auditions in River Heights!  Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew are excited to showcase their skills, but it looks like someone else may not be so happy to have the show in town.  Is someone trying to sabotage the tryouts by causing interruptions with every dancer's routine, music, or equipment?

Book 31

The Make-a-Pet Mystery

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew are on the trail of a missing bunny - that is a Make-a-Pet bunny, named Hoppity.  Everyone in town is loving the new store at the mall, Make-a-Pet, where you can create your own stuffed animal and play the online game Petopia.  Just as they're getting ready to play the game, Violet discovers her Make-a-Pet, Hoppity, is missing.  Where could he have gone?  Would her best friend really take him?

Book 32

Cape Mermaid Mystery

Nancy, Bess, and George are heading to Jersey Shore -- er, the shores of Cape Mermaid, New Jersey, that is.  They get to spend a fun-filled week at a beautiful old inn on the beach. However, once they get there they begin to hear spooky noises and possibly see a ghost!  Could the old legend be true?

Book 33

The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle

Fall Festivals are the best!  The weather is perfect for your favorite sweater.  There's lots of good food and games, and of course a pumpkin-decorating contest.  But this year, someone seems intent on ruining this River Heights tradition.  On the day of the pumpkin-decorating contest, all the designs disappear and the decorating supplies get destroyed.  Can Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew solve this mystery and help keep the contest from getting cancelled?

Book 34

Cupcake Chaos

Everybody loves a good cupcake, and Nancy, Bess, and George are no exception.  This spring a new cupcake café, The Lucky Ladybug, is coming to town.  But on the day of the opening ceremonies, the store is invaded by ladybugs!  It's quite a buggy situation for these sweet confections.

Book 35

Cooking Camp Disaster

This summer, Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew get to go to Kid Kuisine a cooking camp run by the infamous Chef Giorgio.  By the end of the camp, the campers will be cooking for their families and someone will win the title of Best Chef.  As the campers are trying out their recipes, it appears that someone has been wrecking the food.  The brownies are salty and the pizza is too hot for the tongue to handle.  Nancy, Bess, and George have to figure out what's going on before everyone's tastebuds are gone for good.

Book 36

The Secret of the Scarecrow

River Heights' largest depart store, Darcy's, is getting ready to decorate it's display window for the fall season and has asked Nancy's class to design the scarecrow.  Nancy, Bess, and George eagerly work as a team and come up with the winning design, but then the scarecrow vanishes from Bess' front porch!  ...and there's a creepy, shadowy figure running around town... 

Book 37

The Flower Show Fiasco

Each year, the town of River Heights has a wonderful flower show in a magnificent ballroom, beautiful flowers, and yummy desserts.  As a show of appreciation for taking care of her prize roses while she was in Paris, Nancy Drew's neighbor, Mimsy Bourret, has invited Nancy, Bess, and George to the flower show.  But when they arrive, they find that Ms. Bourret's flowers have gone missing.  Can the Clew Crew save the show from being a complete fiasco?

Book 38

A Musical Mess

Francie, a famous Broadway musical, is coming to town.  But when the curtains go up on opening day, it's obvious that something's not quite right.  It turns out, the star of the show, a very talented pup named Sammy, is missing! and a not-so talented imposter has been substituted in - after all the show must go on.  Can Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew find Sammy before the final curtain call and save the show?

Book 39

Museum Mayhem

It's Night at the Museum!  Nancy, Bess, and George's art class is going on an overnight field trip to the River Heights Museum.  They are so excited to have a big slumber party with their classmates, look at all the famous paintings and sculptures, and eat the fancy food in the cafeteria.  But when one of the sculptures gets broken, Nancy and her classmates get the blame.  Nancy knows that none of them are to blame, so she and the Clue Crew set about finding the true culprit and laying the blame where it belongs.

Book 40

Butterfly Blues

Flutter House, an amazing new museum all about butterflies has come to town!  It houses some of the most beautiful and rarest butteflies around.  But after the River Heights Elementary third grade class leaves the building, one of the rarest butterflies, a Blue Morpho, is discovered to be missing.  Will Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew be able to put a net on this one?

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