Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Booklist

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys

Between 1981 and 1994, Nancy was also teamed up with our other two favorite detectives, Frank and Joe Hardy. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Sleuths (1981) and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Sleuths #2 (1984) were both book volumes containing seven stories each. In 1984 and ’85 six stories were released in the Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys ‘Be a Detective’ Series. This set of books was written so that the reader could be an active part of the story and the ending would be based upon decisions that the reader made. Then between 1988 and 1998, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys SuperMystery Series was released with 36 books.

SUPER SLEUTHS (1981-1984)

  1. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Sleuths
  2. Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, Super Sleuths #2


  1. The Secret of the Knight’s Sword
  2. Danger on Ice
  3. The Feathered Serpent
  4. Secret Cargo
  5. Alaskan Mystery
  6. The Missing Money Mystery


  1. Double Crossing
  2. A Crime for Christmas
  3. Shock Waves
  4. Dangerous Games
  5. The Last Resort
  6. Paris Connection
  7. Buried in Time
  8. Mystery Train
  9. Best of Enemies
  10. High Survival
  11. New Year’s Evil
  12. Tour of Danger
  13. Spies and Lies
  14. Tropic of Fear
  15. Courting Disaster
  16. Hits and Misses
  17. Evil in Amsterdam
  18. Desperate Measures
  19. Passport to Danger
  20. Hollywood Horror
  21. Copper Canyon
  22. Danger Down Under
  23. Dead on Arrival
  24. Target for Terror
  25. Secrets of the Nile
  26. A Question of Guilt
  27. Islands of Intrigue
  28. Murder on the Fourth of July
  29. High Stakes
  30. Nightmare in New Orleans
  31. Out of Control
  32. Exhibition of Evil
  33. At All Costs
  34. Royal Revenge
  35. Operation: Titanic
  36. Process of Elimination


  1. Terror on Tour
  2. Danger Overseas
  3. Club Dread
  4. Gold Medal Murder

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