Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective Booklist

Nancy Drew Girl Detective

Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective

In the early 2000s, Simon & Schuster, created the Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective series.  During the late '90s and early 2000s, Nancy was beginning to see a slump in sales.  Therefore, decisions were made to end the Nancy Drew digest series and give the ol' girl a reboot; hence, the "(All New)" in the title.  Nancy, her sleuthing pals, and the entire Nancy Drew world were all updated and rounded out with more descriptive (filler/background) information, including why River Heights seems to be such a hotbed for mysteries to solve.  The series also takes on a different point-of-view, relaying the story in first-person narration from Nancy's perspective.

The series began in 2004 with Without a Trace and ended in 2012 with Stalk, Don't Run.  From 2004-2008 (Books 1-29), the books were single, stand-alone stories.  Beginning with Book 30 (Pageant Perfect Crime), in mid-2008, and running through Book 47 (Stalk, Don't Run), the stories were told in trilogies -- three-book groupings. This series has also produced a three-book Super Mystery series, Nancy Drew Ghost Stories, and six Super Mysteries with the Hardy Boys.

Recommended Age:  8-12     Recommended Grade Level:  3-7     AR Book Level:  4.0-5.4

Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective Book List

Publication Dates:  2004 - 2012

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Book 1

Without a Trace

Hi, I'm Nancy Drew, and I've got a case to crack. Actually, make that two cases. First, a gorgeous Fabergé egg has been stolen. Who would have the heart to snatch such a precious family heirloom from someone new to town? Some housewarming that is!

And if this isn't enough to keep me busy, someone's running through gardens and stomping on all the zucchinis. Needless to say, it's a big mess -- in more ways than one. Especially for Mr. Safer, who is suspected of squishing the squash. I'm pretty sure Mr. Safer's innocent. But who's the real vegetable vandal?

Book 2

A Race Against Time

If I'm in the game, I play to win. So as captain of my team in the River Heights Biking for Bucks charity road race, my goals are to bring my team over the finish line first -- and to catch a thief along the way!

See, all of the money we raised before the race has been stolen -- and I know I can find it. With two days, practically no clues, and a bike race to win, I've got my work cut out for me. But with Bess, George, and Ned on my team, what could stand between us and the gold?

Book 3

False Notes

I'm always up for a good mystery, but when the big question is what I should get Dad for his birthday, I don't have a clue! And then another mystery comes my way -- one that involves Heather Simmons, a leading candidate in the upcoming election for mayor of River Heights. My friends and I are pretty sure that her daughter Leslie, musician extraordinaire, has been kidnapped. But the thing is, nobody is saying a word about it!

It's hard to crack a case like this when no one will even admit that one exists. But I won't let a little thing like that stop me when I smell trouble...

Book 4

High Risk

It looks like Evaline Waters, a River Heights resident, is knee-deep in trouble. A huge corporation is suing her for her land; they want to tear down her house and put up a warehouse. And documentation of the zoning law that would protect Evaline's right to keep her land is missing. Figures!

I've got to find that document, but it's hard to focus on the land when I'm cruising at ten thousand feet. See, Ned and I are taking flying lessons, him with Colonel Lang, a friend of his family, and me with Frank Beltrano, an instructor at our local airport. It's a good thing I'm good at juggling more than two balls at once. Too bad I'm not the only one.

Book 5

Lights, Camera...

I'm a detective, not an actor, so who would think I'd be involved in a crime both offscreen and on? A producer has come to River Heights to film a reenactment of the heist that gave our town its name, and he thinks I'm perfect for the part of Esther, the sister of the thieving Rackham boys. So I figure, why not give it a try?

But once the cameras start rolling, the trouble begins. Food poisoning. Broken generators. And worse! If I don't sniff out some suspects soon, this might be my final act.

Book 6


So I agreed to play the part of Esther Rackham in a film about the heist that gave River Heights its name, and there was all this trouble on the set, and I figured out who was behind it. Case closed, right?


Once the camera starts rolling, a huge fire breaks out on the set, setting back production again. We're running out of time and funds. At least the fire turns up a key clue about who started it, but I'll have to continue juggling acting and sleuthing. Because it might be up to me to save this film from going up in flames...

Book 7

The Stolen Relic

My friends and I knew before we got to Arches National Park that it's full of red cliffs, arches, and rock formations -- plenty of places for hiking, biking, and getting lost. It's a good thing there are park rangers and guides to help tourists like us find our way. Or at least that's what we thought; until one of the guides left for a second to investigate some noise -- and never came back.

It seems unlikely that a respected tour guide who knows the area like the back of her hand could just get lost. Something's fishy, and you can bet I'm going to get to the bottom of this before I find my way home.

Book 8

The Scarlet Macaw Scandal

Bess, George, and I volunteered to go to Costa Rica for some R&R: rest and research. See, Corcovado Ecologica, a popular resort and preserve, isn't only a beautiful getaway; it's also a great place to study three species of monkeys. Or so we thought.

When we arrived on the scene, we found the place in a shambles, and the monkeys were few and far between. And if the problem gets worse, the resort's going to be in trouble. Clearly, my friends and I won't have much time for "monkeying around" on this trip -- we've got a case to crack!

Book 9

Secret of the Spa

When I scored tickets to the grand opening of a new spa in town, I knew I had to take Bess. George came along, too, but she's been acting so weird. I knew this wouldn't be her idea of a total blast, but she's just been no fun at all. It's unlike her to be such a grouch!

But then, this new spa isn't turning out to be much fun, either. Deirdre's here, for starters. And someone's tampering with the food, and trying to take the "luxury" out of this otherwise luxurious place. Something stinks in this spa, and if I can't sniff it out, my name's not Nancy...

Book 10

Uncivil Acts

A Civil War reenactment should be fun, right? Not in our town! It feels like war fever's taken over. The tension started to build when we all chose sides. Confederate and Union sympathizers never did mix. And if that wasn't enough to heat things up, someone started to secretly dig large holes in the battlefield. Pretty odd -- and very suspicious. Is someone waging a little war of their own, and trying to cheat? And if so, the bigger question is why?

Book 11

Riverboat Ruse

How about a seat at a mystery dinner on a riverboat? Yes, please! I jumped at the invitation to go along with Bess, George, and George's mom, who was hired to cater the dinner. It's all fun until there's an actual theft, and there's nothing like a good crime to stop a party. Since I've got the magnifying glass, it's up to me to catch "sticky fingers" before this dinner's sunk.

Book 12

Stop the Clock

Just as I'm gearing up to help plan the Mahoney Library's seventy-fifth-anniversary celebration, the beautiful old clock, the very centerpiece of the library, is stolen. There's nothing like a good theft to stop a party!

Naturally, I throw down the streamers and get to work. Turns out lots of people wanted that clock -- and what's inside. If I don't hustle, this might become two crimes instead of one...

Book 13

Trade Wind Danger

San Francisco has tons to offer tourists like Bess, George, and me. Fresh crabs, cable cars, hikes -- and stalkers! Well, maybe stalkers!is a little harsh, but this older couple, Ed and Harriet, keeps popping up everywhere.

Coincidental or not, Ed and Harriet's appearances are smelling fishier than San Francisco Bay to me. So the investigation begins. But who knew it'd lead to more sleuthing -- in Hawaii?

Book 14

Bad Times, Big Crimes

So I was sitting with Ned in a lecture, and then bam, Ned's in a three-piece suit, and I'm in a city hall meeting on how to get through the beginning of the Great Depression.

As in the Depression, in the 1930s.

What's more, there's a thief to track down. Someone's robbing local banks of what little money they have. Everyone's panicked about their money, so the thief could be just about anyone. But after spending just a little time in this odd place, I have a hunch there's more to it...

Book 15


A prince is in River Heights. A prince! Granted, he's from a relatively minor royal family, but still. This is big news.

The headlines get even bigger once the prince is found toting a painting for his family's good friend Mrs. Mahoney -- because within hours of his arrival, the federal authorities arrest him. They suspect he stole the painting from his family.

Dad and I aren't buying it. We have a hunch there's more to this -- ahem -- picture. But can we save the prince before he's wrongfully crowned "criminal"?

Book 16

Dangerous Plays

Dad, Bess, and I are all set for London when Ned's Shakespeare professor asks us to do a simple favor: to take a look at his townhouse while we're there since he can't seem to locate the housekeeper and fears something's wrong. Sounds easy enough, so I take the key.

Eager to cross the favor off our list, we stop by 53 Banbury Square shortly after we land. And let's just say things in the townhouse aren't quite tip-top. And the key? Well, it unlocks a Pandora's box of serious trouble.

Book 17

En Garde

If I told you I was worried about George's health because she's taken up fencing, you'd laugh. Foils today are totally safe, and besides, the gear is padded. Right?

Well, if so, why did I see blood at George's first meet? Skewering isn't in the legal fencing repertoire -- but it soon becomes apparent to me that someone's too fired up to care...

Book 18

Pit of Vipers

There's been a snake-napping at the River Heights Zoo, and all clues about the thief seem to point in my good friend Charlie's direction. But why would Charlie want to steal a snake? I'm not convinced he's the perpetrator, but with all the circumstantial evidence that keeps popping up, the cops are on the other side of the fence.

Speaking of snakes, George's younger brother, Scott, has been slithering around a lot lately, all sneaky-like. He's not acting like himself, but his lips are sealed about what's wrong. Do these mysteries have anything to do with each other?

Stick around. I'm about to find out!

Book 19

The Orchid Thief

Bess, George, and I are heading down to Key Largo, Florida, to enjoy some fun in the sun with my old friend, marine biologist Delia Duke. But it seems that Delia's state park is clouded over with mystery: Someone has been poaching the park's rare butterfly orchids. Their future depends on us!

George seems more interested in searching for treasure in the Catalina, an old sunken Spanish galleon, than in hunting for an orchid thief. My hope is that George, Bess, Delia, and I can save two priceless treasures in one fell swoop.

Book 20

Getting Burned

Good news or bad news first?

Here's the bad:  The animal shelter where I volunteer just burned down, which left a lot of displaced orphaned animals.  It also means a big case for me, because I just don't buy the story that it was the result of "bad wires."

The good news is that my friends and I are working on a concert to raise funds to rebuild the shelter -- and it's going to rock.  Strange people keep joining the volunteer staff and someone's trying to foil our plans, but all I can say is they picked the wrong gal to mess with.  The animal shelter is close to my heart -- and so is putting criminals behind bars.

Book 21

Close Encounters

When George, Bess and I headed to Brody's Junction, Vermont to help George's cousin with her café's website and enjoy a brief vacation, we were looking forward to some downtime -- not to landing in the middle of a media circus.

Hundreds of tourists have invaded the town to watch purported UFO sightings. Odder still are reports of townspeople being abducted, and the strange clues that seem to point to little green men as the culprits. All this speculation has the town going wild, and I hope to have a close encounter with some hard facts before things spin entirely out of control...

Book 22

Dressed to Steal

I don't normally care about clothes, but when my friend Charlie Adams' sister Alicia opened a boutique right here in River Heights, of course, I wanted to be at the opening.

Turns out it was a pretty popular event. Way more people than expected showed up, and then the store window was smashed, and people were injured! Later I found out that Alicia's most expensive dress was destroyed and her store had been vandalized.

Sounds like more than one-day-sale damage to me. I may not be a fashion expert, but this is one case I'm ready to size up.

Book 23

Troubled Waters

When heavy rains washed out the low-lying towns around River Heights, my friends and I knew we had to help. That's when we hooked up with Helping Homes to build apartments. Then the two-time state champion basketball team, the Lowell University Bullets, showed up -- and the waters, so to speak, turned murky.

While George couldn't be happier about working close to J. C. Valdez, the Bullets' star forward, not everyone around us is a fan. Take the person who is destroying our work and spray painting threats to J. C. on the walls, for starters. Is this the product of some basketball feud, or something much larger? I may be up to my elbows in sheetrock, but that won't slow my sleuthing...

Book 24

Murder on the Set

To my friend Bess, the major Hollywood production coming to River Heights is her chance for fame as an extra. To me, it's a chance to get involved in a big mystery. Looks like the drama on this set really kicks up when the camera's not rolling.

Since Chief McGinnis wanted to hire a "professional" (in other words, not me) to look into the problems that have been plaguing this production, I'll be working undercover as a stand-in. I have no idea who this detective will be, and fortunately, I'm not in this for the credit. But I am determined to crack this case faster than any professional can say "Cut!"

Book 25

Trails of Treachery

My friend George is competing in a grueling three-day mountain-bike race in Costa Rica, and her cousin Bess and I will be there as her support team. But when I find out someone's taking dangerous steps to make sure top U.S. cyclist Derek Woodhall doesn't win, I realize George may not be the only rider I need to help.

Could last year's winner be the culprit? He was freaking out when Derek took an early lead. Or maybe Derek's publicist? She seems a little too psyched about the press her client's misfortune is generating.

I've got a lot on my plate, and not much time to sort it all out. But I know how to keep my eye on the prize. Whoever the culprit is, they picked the wrong race to sabotage!

Book 26

Fishing for Clues

Something fishy is going on in River Heights -- and this time I really mean it! First, a burglar breaks into the Nickersons' home and snatches Ned's digital camera, and then a few days later his laptop is stolen. Ned is super bummed -- there's no replacing the hilarious photos he snapped of his dad falling out of the boat on their fishing trip. I have a hunch this is more than a run of bad luck and I'm determined to reel in the crook -- hook, line, and sinker.

Book 27


When George's mom asks Bess, George, and me to help her cater a benefit for the library, we're all on board. The event is a Jane Austen-themed party, and George even agrees to wear a dress for the occasion.

It seems like the party isn't everyone's cup of tea, though. The bed-and-breakfast where the event is being held has been plagued by vandalism. Someone is breaking teapots, making a mess, booby-trapping the staircase, and generally terrorizing the old couple that runs the place. No one can figure out how the mysterious intruder is getting in and out of the house--and that's where I come in. I plan on solving this faster than I can get to the bottom of a cup of Darjeeling.

Book 28

Mardi Gras Masquerade

What could be more fun than a masked Mardi Gras ball at a so-called haunted mansion? George brings her digital camera, insisting that she's going to bust some ghosts. I'm just looking forward to a night of dressing up and dancing with Ned and my friends.

Soon the fun turns freaking, though -- things go haywire and everyone starts to wonder if the ghost stories could actually be true. But when Deirdre Shannon's antique tiara is snatched, I'm certain the crook is a guest, not a ghoul.

Book 29

The Stolen Bones

I'm hunting for something other than clues for a change: dinosaur bones! Bess, George, and I travel out to the desert to join a paleontology dig. The other volunteers are a pretty quirky bunch, but we're all having a great time...until an important find goes missing. It turns out fossils can be worth millions. I'm making no bones about it - the thief is going down.

Book 30

Pageant Perfect Crime (Perfect Mystery Trilogy, Book 1)

Ned's classmate Portia Leoni won last year's Miss Pretty Face River Heights Beauty Pageant. But after Portia was accused of shoplifting dresses from a local boutique, her crown was taken away from her. Portia claims that she's innocent, but why would someone want to frame her?

To find out more, I'm going undercover -- as a pageant contestant! But going undercover in Miss Pretty Face may be my toughest challenge yet. Everyone seems to have a motive!

Who knew it was so hard to walk, smile, and wave? I have to find out the truth before someone finds out that I'm anything but a beauty queen!

Book 31

Perfect Cover (Perfect Mystery Trilogy, Book 2)

My friends and I are headed to the Big Apple!

George, Bess, and I continue our investigation of the Miss Pretty Face Beauty Pageant in New York City, where the next round of competition is being held. When I get there, Pretty Face Cosmetics seems creepier than ever!

Suspicious security men, animal rights protesters, and a mysterious scientist make this the craziest case I've ever investigated. And when someone suddenly goes missing, I realize it just might be the most dangerous!

Book 32

The Perfect Escape (Perfect Mystery Trilogy, Book 3)

This time, I may be in way over my head. What started out as a simple undercover mission at a beauty pageant in New York City has turned into complete chaos! The pageant's sponsor, Pretty Face Cosmetics, knows that I've uncovered a big secret about their product, and now I'm in serious trouble. They want to keep me quiet -- no matter what it takes.

Now I'm being held hostage by two super creepy bad guys, without a phone, and worse, without my friends! I know that Bess and George are doing everything they can to find me, but time is running out. I have to figure out a way to get back to that pageant so I can reveal Pretty Face's secret... before it's too late for the next Miss Pretty Face -- and millions of other girls!

Book 33

Secret Identity (Identity Mystery Trilogy, Book 1)

Everyone knows about the online group BetterLife. But what starts out as a fun virtual reality site turns into a living nightmare for Bess's twelve-year-old sister and her friends when one of them becomes a target of cyberbullying!

I create my own BetterLife profile to investigate how the program works and find out who could be targeting the girl and why. But nothing online is what it seems -- everyone is hiding behind their virtual identities. It's almost impossible to track down who is behind anything!

Is this a simple case of middle school girls being mean to each other, or could it be something scarier? It's up to my friends and me to do some cyber-digging and unmask the secret identities of the BetterLife bullies!

Book 34

Identity Theft (Identity Mystery Trilogy, Book 2)

With George and Bess's help, I joined the online group BetterLife to unmask the identities of some nasty cyberbullies who were harassing a friend of Bess's sister online. Little did I know that my sleuthing would lead me into even more trouble!

Now the cyberbullies are after me. Someone has hacked into my BetterLife account and manipulated my avatar to do things I would never do in real life.

Now, this case is personal. My friends and I need to do some major cyber-sleuthing to identify the bullies before it's too late!

Book 35

Identity Revealed (Identity Mystery Trilogy, Book 3)

My online sleuthing has led my friends and me down the Internet rabbit hole. After joining BetterLife, an online community, to try to stop a case of cyberbullying from the inside, the bullies turned on me. And now I'm close to revealing their true identities in real, off-line life.

All the clues I've found have pointed me in one direction, but is it a false trail? Before I can expose the madmen behind the mayhem, I need to be absolutely sure that they're the ones wreaking havoc all over BetterLife. But how can I be sure when nothing on the Internet is as it seems? Catching this crook might be more difficult than even I anticipated!

Book 36

Model Crime (Model Mystery Trilogy, Book 1)

Sydney, Bess and George's cousin and my good friend, is finally getting married to her fiancé, Vic! We're so happy for her, and we're sure it's going to be a beautiful wedding -- after all, she's a famous model and he's a reality TV stud. Plus, we're all bridesmaids! Imagine seeing George in a dress...

But that's where the fun and games stop. As Sydney prepares for her wedding, mysterious things start happening to her and Vic. Vic is almost poisoned, and Sydney's bridal shower is sabotaged -- and there are too many suspects to count. But why would anyone want to ruin Sydney's special day?

These can't be coincidences. I'm sure there is something sinister afoot, and I'm determined to find it out and help my friend.

Book 37

Model Menace (Model Mystery Trilogy, Book 2)

I thought I had cracked the case when I found out who was trying to sabotage Sydney's wedding out of jealousy.  It's easy to be envious of a gorgeous model betrothed to the hottest reality star on television.  But even after I uncovered the villain, things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped.  Could Sydney be sabotaging her own wedding due to cold feet?

I know that seems ridiculous, but it also seems ridiculous that someone would want to hurt the kind Sydney in any way.  And it seems unlikely that my suspect could have acted alone to ruin the shower.  Is it possible that the crook is working with someone else to bring Sydney and her fiancé, Vic, down?  I'll need to act fast to catch whoever is up to no good.

Book 38

Model Suspect (Model Mystery Trilogy, Book 3)

I'm beginning to think Sydney and Vic's marriage was doomed from the start. First Sydney's best friend, Candy, tried to sabotage the wedding. Then Vic's onscreen beau brought a knife to the ceremony -- and it wasn't just for cutting the cake. Luckily, we caught her before any damage was done... But is she the real culprit? Or does someone else have it in for these two newlyweds?

Strange things kept happening on the happiest day of Sydney and Vic's lives -- and now trouble has followed them on their honeymoon! Some things just don't add up, and I need to get to the bottom of it before Sydney -- or Vic -- is seriously hurt.

Book 39

Green-Eyed Monster (Eco Mystery Trilogy, Book 1)

George, Bess, and I were so excited when we won an amazing vacation at an eco-resort in Costa Rica. Fun, sun, surf -- all in the name of ecology and helping to keep our planet clean. But, as always, dirty business seems to follow me wherever I go, and this resort isn't as spic 'n' span as we originally thought.

After a string of increasingly dangerous "accidents," it seems that there is a jealous predator staying at the resort, making trouble for the management and the guests. Against the urging of my friends, I know that I need to take this case and get to the bottom of it before our entire week at Casa Verde is ruined -- or worse. Can I uncover who is sabotaging the press tour before it's too late? Or will our vacation come to an unhappy end?

Book 40

Green with Envy (Eco Mystery Trilogy, Book 2)

With our much-anticipated vacation at the Casa Verde eco-resort in Costa Rica having turned into the case of the century, George, Bess, and I have hardly had a moment to relax. I've done a little digging and uncovered the ugly truth behind this beautiful place: Casa Verde is not as green as it seems. But, given that the inhabitants of Costa Rica and its visitors put such an important emphasis on the environment, why would the owners of Casa Verde sabotage their own resort?

There is definitely something suspicious still lurking behind the beautiful landscape and I'm determined to find out what it is -- no matter what obstacles come my way.

Book 41

Seeing Green (Eco Mystery Trilogy, Book 3)

What was supposed to be a blissed-out vacation at a pristine eco-resort has turned into one of the biggest cases of my life. And just as we were getting into it, Bess, George, and I had to return to River Heights. But, it looks like the case has followed us home. Now that I'm back on my home turf, I can investigate Cristobal's mysterious American girlfriend further -- I'm sure she has more to do with the sabotaging of the Casa Verde resort than her boyfriend and resort owner, Cristobal, would let on.

But as I've so often come to find out, this case goes much deeper the more I scratch the surface. Who are these mysterious people Cristobal and his girlfriend are involved with? And what is their plan? I'm on the case and determined to find out!

Book 42

Secret Sabotage (Sabotage Mystery Trilogy, Book 1)

Someone in River Heights does not like Lexi Claremont. So much so, they've created a public burn book blog to tarnish her name -- and the names of all her friends -- right before this year's River Heights Mahoney Celebration! The celebration is a huge carnival, complete with rides, fireworks, and a big parade, with Lexi starring as the makeshift star of it all, a.k.a. the Daughter of River Heights.

When Lexi seeks out my help, I have no choice but to go undercover as her close friend to see through her eyes and try to guess who her enemies might be. But as the celebration begins, Lexi receives threatening notes that are much scarier than any mean blog. When things start going wrong at the carnival, it seems like it's all part of an elaborate scheme to humiliate Lexi.

Will I be able to find the culprit before more than just Lexi's reputation is threatened?

Book 43

Serial Sabotage (Sabotage Mystery Trilogy, Book 2)

Sabotage continues at the River Heights Carnival. On the morning of the Daughter of River Heights parade, the ticket booth cashbox is stolen. More mysterious blue notes appear, threatening to ruin the parade. And the biggest problem? Everyone is a suspect. Chairwoman of the Daughter of River Heights, Mara Stanfield. Famous River heights baker, Joshua Andrews. My longtime frenemy, Deirdre Shannon. Even my boyfriend, Ned Nickerson!

Everyone has a motive and Chief McGinnis is on the case, but the parade is only a few hours away and it is up to me and my friends to uncover the mystery. With only a little physical evidence and too many suspects, George, Bess, and I will all have to work extra hard to find the saboteur.

Will we be able to pull it off before it's too late?

Book 44

Sabotage Surrender (Sabotage Mystery Trilogy, Book 3)

I've watched the footage of the River Heights Carnival cash box heist over and over again. I can't shake the feeling that our suspect is someone I know or have met before. As the carnival sabotage continues, it looks like our saboteur has a specific target: the Mahoney Scholarship Award ceremony.

There are four equally worthy candidates up for the scholarship. But that also makes them all equally worthy suspects in my eyes. Of course, the evidence is slowly mounting -- threatening notes, arson -- and I need to connect the hard facts to my suspicions.

On top of that, the intrigue is getting closer to home and my father is getting wrapped up in my case. George, Bess, and I need to solve it -- and stop the saboteur -- before Dad or someone else I love gets hurt.

Book 45

California Schemin' (Malibu Mayhem Trilogy, Book 1)

Nancy, Bess, and George get to spend an entire month at a fabulous California beach house. The house is located right on Malachite Beach and their next-door neighbors are Mandy, Mallory, and Mia Casabian, stars of the ultra-hot reality show Chillin with the Casabians! What could be more perfect?

But there's an ugly side to California beach life. Someone is dumping trash on the private beach in front of the house. Could one of the Casabian sisters be up to no good? And what exactly goes on at the mysterious spa, Roland's Renewal Retreat? Why do all the clients appear to be completely enthralled with Roland? It's starting to look a lot less like a spiritual retreat and more like a cult! Instead of California dreamin', Nancy and her friends will have to get to the bottom of some California schemin'!

Book 46

Mystery at Malachite Mansion (Malibu Mayhem Trilogy, Book 2)

A yacht explodes off of California's beautiful Malachite Beach, where Nancy, Bess, and George have been vacationing.  In order to save the now toxic shore, celebrity event planner Stacey Manning organizes a star-studded fundraiser at a beachfront mansion.  The girls can't believe they're part of an A-list party headlined by singer Miss Zaza, gourmet chef André Walters, and reality TV stars the Casabian sisters.

Stacey asks the three friends to help with the party by moving into the mansion, but they hesitate:  This place was headquarters for Roland's Renewal Retreat, a mind-controlling cult that they barely escaped!  One by one, the rich and famous followed by Nancy, Bess, and George, become targets of deadly foul play, and now that the girls have moved into the sinister mansion, they worry:  Will they ever get out... with their lives?

Book 47

Stalk, Don't Run (Malibu Mayhem Trilogy, Book 3)

After an unforgettable vacation on the exclusive beaches of California, Nancy, Bess, and George are glad to be back in down-to-earth River Heights. But just as they’re settling into a boring summer routine, Malibu excitement follows them home: the superstar Casabian Sisters show up, convinced River Heights is the perfect setting for their newest reality show.

And where the Casbians go, drama—and now danger— is never far behind. Quiet River Heights and nearby Camp Athena are turned upside down by a terrifying mix of midnight phone calls, missing Casabians, and a menacing nighttime stalker.

But this isn’t a reality show, this is real life—and Nancy and her friends have to find out real fast just who is out to destroy their home… and their lives.

Book **

Ghost Stories

Manga Mayhem - Bess, George, and I go to Japan, where my dad is involved in a battle between two manga artists. When we get there, we discover skeletons in everyone's closets! The question is...are they real?

America's Got Terror - My friends and I spend a week in a haunted house for a new reality show. I'm convinced that the spookiness is just because of the special effects -- until things start happening that even I can't explain...

Visitor from Beyond - When a new girl comes to town, suspicious things start happening all over River Heights. It looks like someone wants me to solve a mystery -- someone from beyond the grave!

Carnival of Fear - My friends and I are excited to go to the reopening of Funland Park, but when we get there, we discover something even scarier than the rides...

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