Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective Booklist

Nancy Drew Girl Detective

Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective

In the early 2000s, Simon & Schuster, created the Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective series.  During the late '90s and early 2000s , Nancy was beginning to see a slump in sales.  Thus, decisions were made to end the current series (Nancy Drew Digests) and give her a reboot; hence, the "(All New)" in the title of the series.  Nancy and her sleuthing pals have all been updated, and more descriptive (filler) information has been given for the entire Nancy Drew world, including why she is always running into so many mysteries in River Heights.  The series also takes on a different point-of-view.  The story is now told in first-person narration from Nancy's perspective. 

The series began in 2004 with Without a Trace and ended in 2012 with Stalk, Don't Run.  From 2004-2008 (Books 1-29), the books were single, stand-alone stories.  Beginning with Book 30 (Pageant Perfect Crime), in mid 2008, and running through Book 47 (Stalk, Don't Run), the stories were told in trilogys -- three-book groupings. This series has also produced a three-book Super Mystery series, Nancy Drew Ghost Stories, and six Super Mysteries with the Hardy Boys.

Recommended Age:  8-12     Recommended Grade Level:  3-7     AR Book Level:  4.0-5.4

Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective Book List

Publication Dates:  2004 - 2012

  1. Without a Trace
  2. A Race Against Time
  3. False Notes
  4. High Risk
  5. Lights, Camera…
  6. Action!
  7. The Stolen Relic
  8. The Scarlet Macaw Scandal
  9. Secret of the Spa
  10. Uncivil Acts
  11. Riverboat Ruse
  12. Stop the Clock
  13. Trade Wind Danger
  14. Bad Times, Big Crimes
  15. Framed
  16. Dangerous Plays
  1. En Garde
  2. Pit of Vipers
  3. The Orchid Thief
  4. Getting Burned
  5. Close Encounters
  6. Dressed to Steal
  7. Troubled Waters
  8. Murder on the Set
  9. Trails of Treachery
  10. Fishing for Clues
  11. Intruder
  12. The Stolen Bones
  13. Mardi Gras Masquerade
  14. Pageant Perfect Crime (Perfect Mystery Trilogy)
  15. Perfect Cover (Perfect Mystery Trilogy)
  16. The Perfect Escape (Perfect Mystery Trilogy)
  1. Secret Identity (Identity Mystery Trilogy)
  2. Identity Theft (Identity Mystery Trilogy)
  3. Identity Revealed (Identity Mystery Trilogy)
  4. Model Crime (Model Mystery Trilogy)
  5. Model Menace (Model Mystery Trilogy)
  6. Model Suspect (Model Mystery Trilogy)
  7. Green-Eyed Monster (Eco Mystery Trilogy)
  8. Green with Envy (Eco Mystery Trilogy)
  9. Seeing Green (Eco Mystery Trilogy)
  10. Secret Sabotage (Sabotage Mystery Trilogy)
  11. Serial Sabotage (Sabotage Mystery Trilogy)
  12. Sabotage Surrender (Sabotage Mystery Trilogy)
  13. California Schemin' (Malibu Mayhem Trilogy)
  14. Mystery at Malachite Mansion (Malibu Mayhem Trilogy)
  15. Stalk, Don't Run (Malibu Mayhem Trilogy)
  16. **Ghost Stories (not numbered in the series)

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Book 1

Without a Trace

In this story, Nancy gets two mysteries to solve.  First of all, someone is tromping through the backyard vegetable gardens and stomping out the zucchini.  WHAT?  WHY?  It sounds like some kind of crazy going-ons happening here.  Then, Miss Simone Valinkofsky has moved to town bringing some of her prized family heirlooms.  Amongst her collection is a beautiful Fabergé egg.  Apparently someone else wants the egg as much as she does, for after a housewarming party, the egg is discovered to be gone.  

Book 2

A Race Against Time

Book 3

False Notes

A Work in Progress

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