Nancy Drew Graphic Novels Booklist

Nancy Drew Graphic Novels

Would you believe Nancy even found herself into the comics? In 2005, Papercutz released The Demon of River Heights and began the “All New Girl Detective” graphic series.  In September 2010, another series featuring “All New Case Files” will be Launched, beginning with Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer.

All New Girl Detective Graphic Novels (2005-2010)

  1. The Demon of River Heights
  2. Writ in Stone
  3. The Haunted Dollhouse
  4. The Girl Who Wasn’t There
  5. The Fake Heir
  6. Mr. Cheeters is Missing
  7. The Charmed Bracelet
  8. Global Warning
  9. Ghost in the Machinery
  10. The Disoriented Express
  11. Monkey-Wrench Blues
  12. Dress Reversal
  13. Doggone Town
  14. Sleight of Dan
  15. Tiger Counter
  16. What Goes Up…
  17. Night of the Living Chatchke
  18. City Under the Basement
  19. Cliff Hanger
  20. High School Musical Mystery
  21. High School Musical Mystery II – The Lost Verse

All New Case Files Graphic Novels (2010)

  1. Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer
  2. Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer Part 2: A Vampire’s Kiss

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