Nancy Drew on Campus Booklist

Nancy Drew on Campus

It only took about 65 years, but in 1995 the Nancy Drew on Campus series sent her to college, accompanied with the usual stress and pressures of such an ordeal. However, the change was not well received and the series only lasted for three years and 25 books. Our “perfect” Nancy had been too “normalized” and was involved more in romantic escapades with stories like New Lives, New Loves than she was with solving a good mystery.


  1. New Lives, New Loves
  2. On Her Own
  3. Don’t Look Back
  4. Tell Me the Truth
  5. Secret Rules
  6. It’s Your Move
  7. False Friends
  8. Getting Closer
  9. Broken Promises
  10. Party Weekend
  11. In the Name of Love
  12. Just the Two of Us
  13. Campus Exposures
  14. Hard to Get
  15. Loving and Losing
  16. Going Home
  17. New Beginnings
  18. Keeping Secrets
  19. Love On-Line
  20. Jealous Feelings
  21. Love and Betrayal
  22. In and Out of Love
  23. Otherwise Engaged
  24. In the Spotlight
  25. Snowbound

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