A Star Witness

A Star Witness

Nancy Drew Clue Book - Book 3
A Star Witness cover art
Nancy Drew Clue Book – Book 3
A Star Witness

A Planet-Size Panic!

THE SCENE: River Heights Planetarium

THE FACTS: Famous astronomer Dr. Arnot gives Nancy, Bess, and George a star-studded planetarium show and promises to let them gaze at the night sky with his famous telescope, the Starship 5000!

THE CRIME: The telescope goes missing!


  • The crabby museum security guard
  • Senior citizens from River Heights Greens
  • A sneaky woman in a red scarf

THE MISSION: It’s up to the Clue-Crew–and you–to track down the telescope snatcher!

When a famous telescope goes missing at the planetarium, Nancy and her friends must zoom in on the culprit in the third book in an all-new, interactive Nancy Drew chapter book mystery series. Includes space for readers to jot down their own ideas and solutions to the case!

As the newest member of the River Heights Astronomy Club, George brings Nancy and Bess on a special field trip to the city’s high-tech planetarium. There they meet famous astronomer Dr. Winston Arnot, learn about the planets and the stars, and even get to see an awesome planetarium show.

After dinner, they’re supposed to meet on the museum’s roof to gaze at the night sky using the Starship 5000, one of the world’s most powerful telescopes. But when they arrive they discover the famous telescope has been stolen! Can Nancy and her friends solve the case before Dr. Arnot becomes the main suspect?

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