A Talent for Murder

A Talent for Murder

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 75
A Talent for Murder cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 75
A Talent for Murder

Nancy enters a world of
glamour and glitz
where murder is all the rage

While in San Francisco to visit Ned’s cousin, whose husband works at one of the Coast’s hottest talent agencies, Nancy and Ned rub elbows with some of the city’s most beautiful people. But one of those beautiful people has met a blunt and ugly end. The agency’s #1 model is out of the picture for good — and found dead in a back alley!

The urge to make it big in front of the camera is powerful and tempting. Even Ned has stars in his eyes, and Nancy’s beginning to wonder if he’s lost sight of her. But behind the spotlight, she finds that the climb to the top can prove slippery and dangerous. Greed, ambition, and deceit are the rules of the gameā€¦and murder has struck the final pose!

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