An Instinct for Trouble

An Instinct for Trouble

The Nancy Drew Files - case 95
An Instinct for Trouble cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – case 95
An Instinct for Trouble

Nancy joins a study of animals in
the wild — and faces a personal test
of survival!

Nancy has come to Yellowstone National Park at the urgent request of her boyfriend, Ned. His professor organized the trip in order to research the marmot, an animal native to the park. But the natural wonders of Yellowstone have turned into a setting for unnatural danger as the furry little mammal becomes the focus of human greed and hard crime.

Nancy arrives on the scene to discover that someone has been stealing the prized marmots and is determined to sell them on the black market. And not only are the animals at risk, but several members of the project have also been attacked. One is already in the hospital, Ned has suffered a blow to the head, and Nancy could be the next to fall into the poacher’s deadly trap!

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