Anything for Love

Anything for Love

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 107
Anything for Love cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 107
Anything for Love

On the Set of TV’s Hottest
Soap Opera, Nancy Discovers
A Deadly New Plot Twist

Jealousy. Passion. Ambition. The action on the top-rated soap, Love and Loss, is heating up…and it’s all off-camera. In New York City, at the invitation of the assistant producer, Nancy is asked to look into a series of damaging leaks revealing the show’s future story lines. But her investigation is suddenly interrupted by a shocking development.

The program’s head writer has been found in his apartment…murdered! Nancy quickly learns that there’s no love lost among the cast and crew of Love and Loss. Secret schemes and simmering resentments have turned the set into a tangled web of deception and danger. And the killer is preparing one final, fatal scene — for Nancy Drew!

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