April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew - Book 19
April Fool's Day cover art
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew – Book 19
April Fool’s Day

Some pairs just go together, like April Fool’s Day and good old-fashioned, nothing too harmful, pranks.  But sometimes things get taken just a little too far.  This time, Nancy, George, and Bess go to a friend’s home for a little lighthearted fun at an April Fool’s Day party; then things take a turn for the worst.  Some of the party attendees’ fancy, new electronic gizmos are getting lost.  Some pranks are just not funny.

Who’s the joke on now?

Nancy, George, and Bess have been invited to an April Fool’s Day party at their new schoolmate’s house. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun — each guest is bringing a gag to the party, and the best prank will win a special prize.

When two of the guests’ fancy new electronics go missing, Nancy knows something’s up. Is this someone’s idea of a joke? The Clue Crew certainly isn’t laughing, and they’re on the case to find the missing gadgets.

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