Campus Exposures

Campus Exposures

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 13
Campus Exposures cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 13
Campus Exposures

The focus at Wilder is on full exposure… and setting the record straight.

Nancy’s suitemate Eileen O’Connor just can’t seem to keep up with her friends. Her social life has gone south: No dates, no guys, no fun! Football player Emmet Lehman could change all that. Sure, nobody’s perfect, and maybe it’s a big mistake, but he’s smart, he’s handsome, and he’s asked Eileen to the upcoming party at her sorority.

Nancy, too, is looking for answers… to two questions, both related to a campus film festival. 1) The truth behind an unsolved, three-decade-old crime — a scandalous case in which a movie ended in murder. And 2) The reason for her attraction to one of the festival’s organizers. His name is Terry Schneider, and he looks exactly like Ned!

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