Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

In Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, a friend of Nancy Drew has purchased a cabin at Moon Lake. However, things have been all but peaceful. A pack of dogs with glowing eyes and mournful howls have been threatening them. Legend has it, the dogs are from the beyond and are there to protect the secrets…

Stay Tuned for Danger

In Stay Tuned for Danger, Nancy Drew is asked to visit Aunt Eloise in New York and help investigate death threats to one of daytime TV’s hottest stars. As Nancy, you pose as an extra on a television set teeming with clues and evidence. HINTS, CHEATS, AND WALKTHROUGHS

Secrets Can Kill

Secrets Can Kill was the first Nancy Drew computer game released by Her Interactive in 1998.  In Secrets Can Kill, Nancy Drew has gone on a trip to Paseo Del Mar, Florida with Aunt Eloise. While there, Nancy investigates the murder of Jake Rogers, an unpopular student at the local high school. HINTS, CHEATS, AND…

Nancy Drew Games

BOARD GAMES In 1957, Parker Brothers released The Nancy Drew Mystery Game.  The object of the board game was to locate Nancy Drew and figure out which mystery she was in the middle of solving.  You accomplished this goal by moving your car along the road and collecting letters to spell out Nancy’s name, once…

The Secret of Shadow Ranch

In The Secret of Shadow Ranch, Nancy Drew has gone on vacation to a ranch in Arizona, but rest and relaxation get left behind as a ghostly horse starts showing up. HINTS AND WALKTHROUGHS