Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew - Book 13
Chick-Napped! cover art
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew – Book 13

Awe, the classroom pets are baby chicks – well soon-to-be outside the egg baby chicks, and everyone is soooo excited.  That is, everyone except that one little girl who thinks her birthday should belong to her, and her alone.  How dare those baby chicks think they can hatch on HER birthday?  But even she gets upset when the chicks disappear from the classroom.  This just might be one tough egg for Nancy to crack…

Chickens on the loose!

Spring has sprung in River Heights! Nancy’s class is hatching chickens to celebrate. Some of Nancy’s classmates are excited, especially Tommy Maron. Tommy has even named all the eggs! But other classmates are less thrilled about the arrival of the little birds. Catherine Spangler is peeved because the chicks are due to arrive on HER birthday — the nerve!

But when the chicks vanish from the classroom, everyone is upset. Who would steal helpless chick eggs? Nancy knows she has a real egg of a mystery to crack this time!

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