Choosing Sides

Choosing Sides

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 84
Choosing Sides cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 84
Choosing Sides

Nancy lends a hand in a
local election — where
issue #1 is murder.

River Heights is about to elect a new mayor and every candidate will have to take a stand on crime. But Nancy’s choice, District Attorney Caroline Hill, apparently doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Small-time hoodlum Bobby Rouse has implicated the DA in a bribery scandal, threatening her integrity and her chances for victory.

Nancy’s convinced that Caroline is the victim of a frame-up, but before finding the proof, she has another victim on her hands — Bobby Rouse, victim of murder. Politics can be a dirty business, and it’s up to Nancy to root out the corruption. Fearing that the election will be decided not by ballots but by bullets, Nancy knows this is one race she can’t afford to lose.

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