Cold as Ice

Cold as Ice

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 54
Cold as Ice cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 54
Cold as Ice

Nancy spends a winter weekend
on campus — and finds that
crime is on the curriculum

Ned invites Nancy, Bess, and George to Emerson College’s Winter Carnival for four days of nonstop skiing, skating, and sleigh riding. But a jewel heist on campus puts a big chill on the weekend, and the police believe they have their man cold. His name is Rob Harper, and he’s one of Ned’s best friends!

Convinced of Rob’s innocence, Nancy undertakes an investigation of her own. But the action on ice proves more slippery than she expected. Someone at Emerson is out to teach Nancy a lesson and show her just how dangerous winter sports can be. When it comes to jewelry, some like it hot — and the carnival of crime is heating up fast!

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