Curse of Blackmoor Manor Walkthrough

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Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (

Copyright 2007

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Finding the Forge
  003b. Pillar of Cupid
  003c. Pillar of Jupiter
  003d. Pillar of Knight
  003e. Pillar of Mercury
  003f. Pillar of Moon
  003g. Pillar of Tempus
  003h. Lighting the Forge
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew:
Curse of Blackmoor Manor.  It's the eleventh game in the
Nancy Drew series, in which you play as Nancy Drew and go
around and solve mysteries.

If you want to contact me, e-mail, but make the subject blank
if you do.  If you want to reproduce this guide in some
fashion, you should contact me before doing so.

002- Characters

Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver, and
this time she's out to uncover the secret of Blackmoor

Mrs. Drake: The stuffy British matron who runs the manor.
She spends most of her time working with her plants.

Linda Penvellyn: Nancy's friend, who is sick and always
hides behind a curtain. She often doesn't want to talk to

Nigel Mockerjee: A pretty boring fellow who is researching
the Penvellyn family history.

Jane Penvellyn: Linda's step-daughter, a slightly creepy-
looking girl who is lonely and likes to play games.

Ethel Bossiny: Jane's tutor, who doesn't want Nancy to
explore the mansion. Hmmm...I wonder why...

Loulou: An old parrot, who will give you hints in return
for parrot cake.

Mrs. Petrov: Linda's mother. She sent Nancy to the manor to
find out what's wrong with Linda, and you can call her
whenever you want.

Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend. You can call him whenever
you want.

Paliki Vadas: A woman with a heavy accent. She knows all
about lycanthropic metamorphosis, which Linda seems to be
suffering from.

Tommy: The person at the local pub, who'll feed you if you
want food. He talks in Cockney rhyming slnag.

Hugh Penvellyn: Linda's husband who is away on diplomatic

Randulf the Red: The first of the Penvellyns; he was the
one who first got the Penvellyn family treasure.

Charles Penvellyn: Son of Randulf, he started the tradition
of making the family treasure really difficult to find by
hiding Jupiter's lightning bolt.

Thomas Penvellyn: Grandson of Charles, he hid Jupiter's
lightning bolt in the facade of Jane's room. He also worked
with the well in the manor.

Elinor Penvellyn: She was tried and convicted of witchcraft
about five hundred years ago. She hid Mercury's wand in
the statue in the library.

Penny Penvellyn: She hid Cupid's arrow and made the wind
puzzle by the forge.

Alan Penvellyn: He bought Loulou to the Penvellyn manor,
and set up a game on his computer in the library.

Brigitte Penvellyn: Nancy stays in this Penvellyn's room.
She has a song written about her, and how she loves stars.
She set up three puzzle: the box in her room, the muses on
the door, and the astrology chart puzzle by her window.

Edward Penvellyn: He made the secret slide in the east
hall, which hides the missing piece of the Tempus pillar.

John Penvellyn: He wrote the book about frogs in Nancy's
room, and made the frog puzzle by the well. This puzzle
hides the knight's helmet.

Corbin Penvellyn: Grandson of Elinor. His coat of arms is
the only one not found inside the Penvellyn estate, and he
sealed off a hidden passageway with a gargoyle puzzle. 


003a-Finding the Forge

To start the game, select "New Game".  You can take a
tutorial to learn how to move around in the game, and then
you can play the game at either junior or senior detective
level.  The game is the same no matter which level you play
as, although the junior level is (duh) somewhat easier.

The game starts with Nancy getting dropped off at the
Blackmoor Manor in London. A disembodied voice and a beast
with red eyes both show up to meet her. Creepy...

Mrs. Drake, the old woman who runs the manor, assumes Nancy
is making things up, and tells Nancy to go to her room and

The game skips to Nancy's room, after she's unpacked.
Explore the room for a bit. The only things of interest are
the book on the fireplace mantle (which has an irrelevant
scrap of paper hidden inside), the box in the corner (which
you can't figure out how to open yet), the astrology
charts, the drawer beneath the window (which you can't
figure out how to open yet), the alarm clock and the
telephone. Once you're done exploring, it's time to leave
your room and meet all the characters in the game.

Leave the room and go left. Hey, a staircase! Go up the
staircase to find that the stairs make weird noises. At the
top of the stairs are levers that also make noises. You
have to pull the levers in the correct order (B A D C A D E
E) in order to get a key. Cool!

Go back down the stairs and turn left. There's a door here,
with a red circle next to it. Open the circle to find that
the key goes in there, but, darn, it won't fit! Oh well.

Go down the hall some more, and go through the first door
on your left. Linda is here, hiding behind a curtain. Nancy
is here to solve Linda's problem, but Linda doesn't want to
talk about it, or anything else. Very strange.

When Linda is done talking to you, leave the room because
there's nothing else to do here, then go left. What's that
in the corner? Head over to find out that it's a parrot
named Loulou. Okay...turn around and start going down the
stairs. Linda's mother calls around this time, so talk to
her, and then continue down the stairs to reach the main
hall of the manor.

The door on the right (if you're standing with your back to
the front door) is the library, and the door to the left is
the conservatory. Head to the library first and talk to the
person there, who is the ever-boring Nigel Mookerjee.

Nigel is there to write a history of the Penvellyn family,
which dates all the way back to Randulf the Red, a soldier
who is said to have had a magical stone that helped him win
battles. Nigel also mentions Elinor Penvellyn, who was
killed for being a witch, the Blackmoor Beast (which is the
monster Nancy saw outside).

When you're done talking to Nigel, examine the computer in
the back of the library (which you can't use because you
don't know the password), then leave and go across the main
hall to the conservatory.

Go down the stairs to the bottom level. The well is dry, so
Mrs. Drake is watering the plants by hand. You can talk to
her about a whole bunch of things. Once you're done, it's
time to meet Jane, the little girl who some of the other
characters have mentioned. Go up the stairs in the main
hall, and go to the room with the red keyhole. Open the
door and go in to meet Jane. 

Jane is friendly, even if she's a little creepy-looking,
and she wants to play a game with you. Talk to her instead,
and she says that a mysterious cloaked figure caused Linda
to get sick.

Explore Jane's room. There's a pamphlet on ancient runes, a
book on lycanthropy (read all the way to the end of it to
find a phone number), the Mutus Liber (a strange book
designed for people who can't read), a little area meant
for baking cakes for Loulou, a mysterious tapestry, and a
picture of Jane's dead guinea pig. There are also pictures
of Brady Armstrong, the actor who Nancy met in "The Final

Leave the room, and you run into Ethel, Jane's tutor, who
doesn't seem to want to talk to you. Huh. That's VERY

Go back to your room, and take out your phone. Call Paliki
Vadas and talk to her about the possibility that Linda is
turning into a werewolf. Paliki has a SUSPICIOUS accent and
seems to know AN AWFUL LOT ABOUT LYCANTHROPY, which is
pretty darn CONVENIENT if you ask me. I BET SHE'S THE BAD

Then you can call your boyfriend Ned to let him know what's
going on. Call Hugh on the phone in the room, and you've
met all the characters in the game. What to do now? Nancy's
notebook says that she should find out about the mysterious
woman and black, so let's do that.

Leave Nancy's room and head down the hall to Loulou. At the
very end of the hall here is a door. Try to open it to find
out that it's locked. Shoot. Go to Linda's and ask her
about the figure in black that Jane saw.

Linda denies knowing anything about a lady in black. I BET
things you can do at this point (because the game is
somewhat non-linear), but for the sake of making this guide
easier, I'm going to skip all of that. Go back to your room
and set the alarm for 8:00 AM the next day.

Nancy wakes up at 3:15 to hear strange chanting. You can go
and explore now, but you won't find anything. Set the alarm
for 2:00 this time, and go to see Linda. Linda is surprised
that Nancy is still there, and confesses that she's sick

Nancy Drew is a super-detective, so she HAS to explore this
hidden passageway. Go see Jane (now that it's 2:00, her
lessons are over) and ask her about the secret passageway.
Jane aggress to tell you where the passageway is, only IF
you play a game with her.

Play the game of Bul with Jane, and beat her to hear about
the hidden passageway in the East Hall. Ask her about the
key, and she gives it to you. All right! Go to the East
Hall (the door at the end of the hall near Loulou), and use
the key to enter.

There's not much to do here except play with the hands of
the dragon statue. Hmmm...leave the room and examine the
crest on the door. Do you see how the six parts of the
crest all indicate directions, kind of? Move the hands of
the dragon so they're in the same directions as the six
parts of the crest, which looks like this:


The dragon roars, and the hidden passageway opens. Try to
explore it to learn it's too dark. Go back to Jane and ask
here for a flashlight, and she says she'll give you a glow
stick if you play another game with her. Beat the game,
then go back to the hidden passageway. This time, go all
the way through it to the end, which is...a puzzle that
looks like Loulou and says "Barber"?

Go to Loulou and ask him about the puzzle. Loulou pleads
innocent. Go see Mrs. Drake, and she says that you need to
give Loulou the code word. Great. Go back to Loulou and
give him the code word to learn that the answer is "leech".

Go back through the passageway and enter leech. The word
now changes to picture. Go back to Loulou and ask what the
word for picture is. Loulou will either tell you "book", or
ask for cake.

To get cake, go to Jane's room, and go to the bakery. Cook
up Loulou a cake according to the instructions on Nancy's
cell phone; that is, bake a cake with everything except
avocado, tea, coffee, chocolate, potatoes, and lunch meat.
Then give the cake to Loulou to get the next word, and go
back to the hidden passageway.

Enter "book" in the passageway, and the next code word
shows up. I managed to guess all of these ones correctly.
The word for "baby" is "bonnet," the word for "hour" is
"glass," and the word for "ant" is "hill".

The door then unlocks. Go through the door, and you end up
finding half of a puzzle. Open up the thing on the wall,
and move all of the triangles to the "up" position. Then
leave and go back to Linda's room. Ethyl meets you on the
way, and you can have a nice, long talk with her. Linda
mentions that Jane had her read the "werewolf" book in her
room, which Paliki says _could_ be a reason why Linda is
lycanthropic (that, coupled with the stress of a new
marriage/country, the curse, and the Beast of Blackmoor

If you remember, Linda said there was a curse in the
passageway, but there was none. LIAR! When you talk to her,
it turns out that there's more than one hidden passageway,
and Linda was talking about the one behind the gargoyle.

There's a gargoyle in the hall that you can move, but you
don't know how you should do it. Instead, go to the main
hall, where you might notice that there's a picture in the
hall of a man with a gargoyle behind him...but there's no
coat of arms to tell you how to move the gargoyle like
there was to tell you how to move the hands on the dragon.
Hmmm...go see Nigel, who knows all about the Penvellyns and
therefore probably knows about the missing coat of arms.

Nigel says he'll give you the coat of arms if you pass his
typing test AND write his memoirs. For the typing test,
simple press your keyboard buttons to play. You don't have
to worry about capitalizing anything.

Once you win, you type of Nigel's boring memoirs. Pick up
the note Nigel leaves you next to the computer, then leave
the library. What the...Jane and Ethel are there,
performing some sort of strange ritual. WEIRD!!! I BET

Once they go away, go to the gargoyle. The coat of arms
seems to say that you should turn it right, right, left,
right, left, left, right, left. This opens the door, so go
in. Move up a few times and look to the right for a
peephole to Linda's room. Wow, she really IS turning into a

By the way, if at any time you need a new glowstick, leave
the passageway (BEFORE the glowstick goes out, thank you),
set your alarm to 2:00 PM and win another one off of Jane.

At the end of this passageway is the curse Linda talked
about. the puzzle pad beneath the curse to
find a bunch of ancient runes. Enter the name "ELINOR" in
rune writing. If you don't know runes, enter the letters in
in this order: 

x x x 3
2 x x 5
x 4 x x
x 1 x 6

This opens up a secret passageway in the secret passageway.
Go through the passageway. After you go down two floors,
you can go left or right. Go left and go all the way to the
end of the passageway to reach another triangle puzzle like
in the other passageway (if you go right, you end up near
some strange hand-statue-things). Turn all these triangles
up. Now go all the way BACK to the other triangle puzzle
and turn those triangles up to open the door.

When the door is opened, it leads to another door, which
has a small thing above the handle. Open it to find a
glowing rock. Cool! No more glowsticks!

Enter the door, and go straight ahead through the next
door. Oh my gosh, the room is moving! Go to the moon door,
open it, then turn around. The room moves again. Then turn
around, and go through the moon door to find a room with a
basin in the middle. In the basin is a map.

Look at the map. The red dot indicates where you are, the
arrows indicate the direction all the rooms (except the
corner rooms) will turn in the next time a door is closed.
Mess around with the rooms until you figure out how they
work, then go to the room at the top of the map, using the
moving Mercury door (the symbol with horns on its head) to
get there.

Once you've finished that pain in the butt chore, you reach
another puzzle door. You can't get this one open, because
Nancy doesn't know what the snake symbol stands for. Click
on the snake to make sure Nancy doesn't know anything about
it, then go back into the maze.

This time, we'll use a short-cut to get through the maze
(we didn't use it last time, because we had to get the
map). Go into the maze, open the door in front of you, then
turn around. Turn around, open the door again, then turn
around. Then exit through the Mercury door. Yay! That was
is MUCH simpler.

Anyway, go to Nigel and ask him about the snake (if he's
not there, use the alarm clock to go to a time when he is).
He says it's the ouroboros, which stands for alchemy. Go
back through the maze (use the shortcut) to the door. This
time, you can use the web search on your cell phone to
solve the puzzles. Or, solve the puzzles by clicking on the
various pictures in this order:

x x x
x x n
x x x
v x x

Click on n and v and then the pot.

x x x
x x n
x x x
v s x

Click on n and v, and s three times, and then the pot.

x x x
x c x
f x x
x x x

Click on c and f, and then the pot.

d x x
v x x
x x x
x x x

Click on d and v, and then the pot.

d a x
x x x
x x s
x x q

Click on s, q, a and d, and then the pot.

The door now opens. You're now in the top secret forge room
of the Penvellyns, about to find the hidden Penvellyn
treasure! All right! All you have to do is put the key in
the hole and...huh?

Whoops! Look like I celebrated a bit too early! Before you
can get to the treasure, you have to make the key with the
forge in this room, which can only be powered if the six
pillars are started.

Fortunately, there's a book in here which details how to
open the six pillars. You can do them in any order you
want; I'm listing them in alphabetical order here.

003b-Pillar of Cupid

Brigitte wrote about to find Cupid's missing bow in the
book, but, unfortunately, she made a butt-load of puzzles
to hide it. Fortunately, you only need one more piece of
information before you can solve the puzzle, and it's easy
to find. Go back to your room (which used to be Brigitte's
room) and set your alarm for 6 AM.

Go past Jane's to overhear her. Hopefully, you'll hear her
singing. If not, set your alarm for a later time, and go by
her room again. Eventually, you'll hear her sing
"Brigitte's Ballad", which goes like this:

Brigitte with her eyes so bright
Looks toward heaven at midnight
On the longest night of year
That's the one she holds most dear
Starry friends, she's often heard to say,
How I wish that I could make you stay
She knows though they can't remain
Time will bring them 'round again.

Nancy's cell phone tells us that the longest night of year
is the winter solstice, or Bruma. There's a star chart of
Bruma in the room, which, by odd coincidence, resembles
Brigitte's coat of arms AND the box in the corner.

It's not too hard to figure out what to do her. Match the
animals on the star chart with the figure on the coat of
arms (for example, the rabbit on the south part of the
chart goes with the green half-moon). Then enter those
things in the box in the corner of the room. These are the

Dragon: All red
Fish: Blue, with the left fourth missing
Lion: Red, with the right fourth missing
Rabbit: Green, with the left half missing
Lynx: All black

Once you get it, the box opens to reveal...the telescope
lens! All right! But, wait, there's no telescope! Set your
alarm to 2:00 PM and go see Jane. She promises to give you
the telescope if you solve a puzzle. Do the puzzle, go see
Linda to waste time, then enter your room to find the
telescope there.

Put the lens on the telescope to look at the mural on the
wall. It has five pictures numbered on it: The tragedy
mask, a parrot, a lyre, two flutes, and the comedy mask.

Go downstairs. By the library is a fancy machine with all
pictures on it! How convenient. Unfortunately, the machine
is broken, so go see Mrs. Drake about fixing it.

Mrs. Drake sets you on the task of fixing her plants while
she finds the crank to the machine. This one is pretty hard
to do.

Place the big two-leafed plant in the upper/left corner, so
its longer side is going along the left of the box. Put the
green plant that is made up of several triangles (it looks
a little like a pinwheel) underneath it. Those two plants
should be the same width.

Put the biggest plant (it has four leaves) in the
bottom/left corner, where it makes a perfect fit and fills
up the entire left-hand side of the box. Put the next
biggest plant (it has six rounded leaves, in a semi-circle)
against the top of the box, with its longer side against
the top. Put the bigger red plant in the upper/right
corner, and now the left and top sides of the box are full.

Put the plant with five leaves in the lower/right corner,
with its longer side against the right. Put the six-leafed
plant along the right side of the box, with its longer side
against the right, which fills out the right side of the
box. Place the three-leafed plant directly to the left of
the plant you just placed (positioned so it is the same
length as the plant to the right of it).

Only six more plants to place. Two of the plants are green
and have a lot of leaves. Put them one-on-top-of-the-other
on the bottom of the box, by having their longer sides
parallel to the bottom of the box.

Then, put the four smallest plants in the empty space in
the middle of the box, with the longer plants' longer sides
parallel to the left/right sides of the box. There! All the
plants are fixed, and Mrs. Drake comes in the with crank.

Go to the machine, and use the crank. You get to play a
game of "Go Fish", except you need to make trios, instead
of pairs. Start off by pressing the pictures in the order
you saw in Brigette's room (the tragedy mask, a parrot, a
lyre, two flutes, and the comedy mask) to get Penny to
wager Cupid's Arrow. Then, win the game to get the arrow.
Good job!

003c-Pillar of Jupiter

Thomas said the key to unlocking the pillar of Jupiter was
by the singing stairs. Well, you completed the singing
stairs and got the key to open the area by Jane's door, but
if you remember, the key doesn't fit in the lock because
the lock is old and needs lubrication.

Go to Nancy's room and pick up the phone to call Tommy in
the Boar's Head Pub. Order one of the meals. This man talks
in Cockney rhyming slang, which you can learn about if you
talk to Mrs. Drake and use your cell phone if you want to.
The important thing is to order some food, and when he asks
"Uncle Fred and Johnny Rutter?" (which rhymes with "bread and
butter?"), say yes. Leave the room and come back, then eat
the meal and take the butter.

Go to the keyhole by Jane's room. Use the butter on the
keyhole, and a puzzle arises, which involves moving the
tiles above Jane's door. But what order should they go in?
According to the tapestry in Jane's room (and Nigel's notes
on the tapestry), the tiles, from bottom/left to
bottom/right should be "Moon, strength (the person holding
the world), raised glasses, the knight, charity (the coin
exchange), the angel, the geometer's tool (the compass),
father time (the hooded figure), folly (the juggler) and
the sun.

I have a strategy for solving this puzzle, but first you
need to get the folly/moon/sun pieces into the right place.
The first step is to get the sun and folly pieces right
next to each other (the way they are in the puzzle's
solution).  Move the moon piece up and right, strength
left, up and right, father time left, up and right, and
then the glasses left, up, and right.

Move the sun up, then folly left and up. Now the sun and
folly are right next to each other, and in perfect
position to be put into place. Rotate the pieces clockwise
around the "ludo ergo es" sign until the folly and sun
pieces are located like this:

x x x F S
x       x
x x x x x

Move sun down, folly right, and sun up. Then move the two
pieces in the lower/right up, and left, out of the way.
Then move sun down and folly down, and they are both in
their place.

Now we need to get the moon piece into place. Move the two
pieces on the bottom/left into the rotation around the
"ludo ergo est" sign. Continue the rotation, and when the
moon piece is on the left-hand side, drop it into the
bottom-left position (where it should be in the solution),
and drop another piece above it.

From here on, the strategy is simply. Just look at the
piece that is on the left-hand side, second from the
bottom. It is very easy to slip it into its proper place in
the rotation if you're rotating the pieces around the sign
in a clockwise manner.

The proper place/order of the rotation is this: Going
clockwise, the pieces should be father time, compass,
angel, charity, knight, and glasses. Strength can be
anywhere in this rotation; it doesn't matter.

All you have to do is put an out-of-place piece in this
position (left-hand side, second from the bottom), then
move the rotation and slip it in its proper place. Put
another out-of-place piece in this position, and repeat
until all the pieces are in the proper rotation. Then slip
strength into its proper position (left-hand side, second
from the bottom) and move the rotation until all the five
pieces are on a line on the bottom to solve the puzzle.

Once you're done, the "ludes ergo es" sign opens, revealing
Jupiter's lightning bolt. All right!

003d-Pillar of Knight

This is one of the easier puzzles. John Penvellyn hid the
knight's helmet in the well, but, unfortunately, the well
is dry. Thomas Penvellyn has something to say about fixing
the well, though. He said the lock was in the hidden
passages, so go down to the hidden passages to the maze.

Instead of going through the maze, turn around so your back
is to the door to the maze, and go left. Bet you didn't
notice this passage before. Go forward to reach the well,
which you can enter. There's nothing inside except a note

On the door to the well is another eye puzzle. This one
requires you to get four triangles all alone. It's a
rather simple puzzle, once you realize the only way to do
this is take one triangle away from the group of five
triangles. From there, I worked backwards to reach the

Here's what to do:

1. Put triangles in 5.
2. Move 5 to 3. This leaves two triangles in 5, and three
in 3.
3. Move 3 to 8. This leaves two triangles in 5, and none in
4. Move 5 to 3. This leaves no triangles in 5, and two in 3.
5. Put triangles in 5.
6. Move 5 to 3.

Done! The well is full now.

Now go the top of the well (by Mrs. Drake). It's full of
water now, and you can solve John's puzzle. It's rather
simple; just move the frog across the pond to reach the
princess. Don't land on any crocodiles! You get infinite
lives in the game, so it's rather easy.

Once you win the game, you get the knight's helmet.

003e-Pillar of Mercury

Elinor hid Mercury's wand in the statue of Mercury in the
library, which is operated by the manor's defense systems.
Defense systems? Well...remember how there was a branchway
of the hidden passageway I told you not to take? You're
going to take it now.

Go to the hidden passageway by the gargoyle, and go through
it. After going down two floors, you can go left or right.
This time, go right. You end up by some large hands that
control the statue in the library (you can look through the
peephole to see this is correct).

I'm sure the game tells you how to move the statue
correctly somewhere (probably the Mutus Liber), but I don't
know where. So just guess and press the fingers randomly to
move the statue. Look through the peephole after it moves,
and when the statue faces the peephole, you've solved the

Once this is done, go to the library and take the wand.
Simple as that.

003f-Pillar of Moon

Brigitte hid the moon, in addition Cupid's Bow. If you
don't already, get the telescope lens from Brigitte's room
(check the Pillar of Cupid section for instructions). Then
put the telescope lens in drawers directly below the
window in the room.

It's a zodiac puzzle! You have to know the proper signs and
order of the zodiac. Using your trusty cell phone, you'll
find out that you have to press the twelve buttons in this

11 1 4 10
3  5 7 12
9  8 2 6

Do this, and you get the moon. Easy!

003g-Pillar of Tempus

Alan and Edward Penvellyn had a hand in hiding the missing
part of the tempus (Latin for "time") pillar. If you
remember, the computer in the library belonged to Alan.

Go ask Jane about Alan's computer. She says she'll tell you
the password to the computer if you beat her at a game, of

The password is on Alan's coat of arms: purgamentum. If
it's between midnight and four AM, go on the computer. If
not, set your alarm for that time, then go to the compuer
and enter the password.

You get to play the thirteen ghosts game. You have to find
all the ghosts and touch them to win the game.

1 ? Exit the library door and turn left
2 ? On the left pillar at the bottom of the stairs
3 ? Left of the door to the hall by the conservatory
4 ? On the floor by the pillar near the conservatory door
5 ? On the bottom of the conservatory
6 ? On the inside of the conservatory, to the right of the
7 & 8 ? Both ends of the hallway on the bottom floor, zoom
in on the end, then turn around to find it
9 ? In the hallway, left of the kitchen door
10 ? Above the levers of the stairs that make noise
11 & 12 ? Both ends of the hallway on the top floor, zoom
in on the end, then turn around to find it
13 ? Across from Mrs. Drake's room

If you're fast enough, you get a hint about a dragon. We've
seen a dragon! Go to the dragon whose hands you can move,
look at it, then turn left and pull below the vase. A
secret slide opens up. Go down it. Whee!

Ethel catches you, and is very upset. Uh oh. Well, forget
what Ethel says. Did you notice a bulls-eye when you went
down the slide? Go to the cricket trophy in the hallway,
and take the cricket ball. Then go down the slide and throw
the cricket ball at the bulls-eye. A direct hit ends up in
you getting the clock hands. Great!

003h-Lighting the Forge

Okay, now that you have all the pillar pieces, it's time to
use them! Put a piece to its pillar in the great hall, and
the pillar opens up. You have to move the pipes in the
pillars so they're all interconnected. Move the corner
pieces (the ones that aren't the two middle pillars) so
that they face down, and towards the center of the room.
Then place the center pillars so they are horizontal, with
Jupiter's third piece facing down, and the moon's third
piece facing up. It's not too hard; I figured it out on the
first try by guessing, not by consulting the Mutus Liber
like you're supposed to.

Once the pipes are in place, Nancy takes note of it.  Then
go through the secret passageways to where the forge is.
In the corner of the room is a game involving wind and the
statue of Aelous that's in the room.

The point of the game is to move Aelous left, right, up and
down (either one square or two). If he lands on the same
square as a wind, he conquers it. If he lands on a black
square, he dies. It's really not much fun, but play it
anyway to get the wind going in the forge.

Almost done. Now we have to light the forge. Go back to the
second floor. What you have to do here is touch the three
gargoyles in the building with Mercury's wand, then touch
the hole in the middle of the floor in the great hall (the
one Jane poured oil down during the secret ritual).

Touch the gargoyles between the ears, and do it thusly:
start with the gargoyle that opens a hidden passage, then
go to the room with the dragon and touch the gargoyle
there. Go down the slide, turn left, and touch the gargoyle
there. Then touch the hole in the middle of the floor, and
the forge is lit.

Go back to the forge. Now you have to make the key. The
secret to making the key is in the Mutus Liber and all the
Penvellyn family crests, but you don't want to go back to
the great hall and look at all the family crests, do you?
Just pick up the key frame (by the forge) and press the
following pieces:

 x   x   x   x
xxx  xx xxx  x
 x   x   x   x

 x   x   x   x
 x  xx   x  xx
 x   x   x   x

 x   x       x
xxx  xx xxx xx
 x   x       x

Make the key, and if you did it right, Nancy says so. Then
stick the key into the hole and...

Jane shows up to be evil and take the hidden Penvellyn
treasure, which is...hey, it's the magical rock that
Randulf the Red found! How...USELESS!

When Jane touches, jump backwards, and a trap falls on
Jane, but not you. Jane pleads for mercy, because she's
about to die. Go to the Aelous game and move Aelous to the
trap to free Jane and win the game! 


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2007.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
under general information)

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