Dance till You Die

Dance till You Die

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 100
Dance till You Die cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 100
Dance till You Die

Nancy Checks Out the Hottest Spot
In Town…When Murder
Crashes the Party

Bess has landed a job at the Razor’s Edge dance club, and she’s invited Nancy along to see what the excitement’s about. It’s a real scene: a wild young crowd, crazy costumes, a handsome DJ spinning the tunes — the kind of place where anything can happen. And it soon does. First, the blackout. Followed by a scream. Then the shocking discovery: Bess has disappeared!

Nancy takes the lead in a desperate search for her missing friend. The evidence all points to kidnapping, but suddenly the investigation takes an even darker turn. One of the prime suspects in the case — the gorgeous DJ — is found dead, strangled in his apartment. The party may be over…but Nancy’s dance with danger is only beginning!

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