Danger by Design Walkthrough

Version 1.4 3/9/09

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Nancy Drew: Danger by Design
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2009

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Guide
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew:
Danger by Design. It's the fourteenth game in the Nancy
Drew series, and she goes to Paris in this game.

If you want to contact me, e-mail
ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject
something like "Nancy Drew Danger by Design" (or just
leave it blank) so I know it's not spam mail.

If you'd like to put this guide on your website, you
should ask permission first.

002-Video Guide

Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading
about it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can
see it at...


This guide gives a slightly more linear game path than
the video walkthrough does, but the videos have lots of
description to help you find a specific part, if a
specific part of the game is what you're looking for.


Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver,
and she's about to solve a mystery in Paris, France.

Minette: Nancy's boss in this game. A temperamental
fashion designer who wears a mask all the time. 

Heather McKay: Nancy's co-worker. She wants to be a
fashion designer, which is why she works for Minette. 

Dieter von Schwesterkrank: A German photographer. He used
to date Minette, and Heather has a crush on him.

John Michel Traquenard: A reporter for a fashion
magazine. He works out of a restaurant.

Jing Jing Ling: An Australian fashion model who works for
Minette. Nancy shares a room with her in this game.

Sonny Joon: Minette's last assistant. Nancy was hired to
take his place after Minette fired him.

Prudence Rutherford: A woman who has ordered some clothes
from Minette. She calls during this game in order to
learn how her order is coming along.

Lynn Manrique: A historian who calls Minette, because
she's interested in the history of Minette's studio. 

Noisette Tornade: The woman who used to own Minette's
studio. She did important things back during World War

Hugo Butterly: A British fashion designer who is
Minette's biggest competitor.

Hans von Schwesterkrank: A German soldier who dated
Noisette Tornade during World War Two. Dieter is related
to him.

Amy Grunhild: A friend of Nancy's Dad. She arranged for
Nancy to take the job as Minette's assistant.

Gilbert Tripoli: Minette's therapist. He came up with the
list of instructions on how to make the perfect tea for

Monique: A saleswoman. She has a yo-yo.

Malika: Another saleswoman. She has a veil.

Monsieur Marchard: A salesman. He pays Nancy to paint
pictures for him.

Bess Marvin and George Fayne: Nancy's best friends, whom
she can call and chat with.

Frank and Joe Hardy: Nancy's friends and fellow
detectives. She can also call and talk with them.


The game starts with Nancy taking you to her room. You
can click on the "How to be a Detective" for a short
explanation of the game's control scheme--which is
unnecessary if you've played the other Nancy Drew games
and can remember how to play.

You can click on the scrapbook to look at descriptions of
the other games in the series. You can click on the case
file to learn about the current case as well. Here's a
summary of the plot:

Nancy Drew is going to Paris, France in order to work for
Minette. Minette is a fashion designer, and she has
started acting COMPLETELY WEIRD lately. She's been firing
her employees left and right, and she's started wearing a
mask. So Nancy's going undercover to figure out what's
going on with Minette.

That's all you can do here, so click on the plane ticket
to start the game! Choose Junior or Senior Mode, and you're
on your way!

Nancy shows up at Minette's studio, just in time to see
Minette throw a wild tantrum that ends in Minette
throwing a potted plant at Heather McKay.

Heather shuts the door to Minette's studio and introduces
herself. She (Heather) is Minette's assistant, just like
Nancy. She also says not to worry about Minette, because
Minette throws wild tantrums like this all the time.

Heather says there's a list of things for you to do on
your computer, and Minette requests to see Nancy.

Minette's Office

At this point in the game, you can either start on the
list of things to do or see Minette. I went to see
Minette first.

Minette's office is through the wooden door. It's not
really an office; it's more like the main room on the
windmill. Minette starts off by ordering Nancy to make
some tea.

Head to the tea station in this room. Nancy describes how
to do the puzzle--take tea from the little jars and put
them in the pot. Then click the teapot to pour the tea.
If you make a mistake, click on the sink to start over.

There's a small card that tells you how to make the tea,
based off the various strange instructions that Minette's
therapist dreamed up. The three instructions you have to
worry about are these:

1) If Minette is right handed add all herbs in the
Gaviforme family.
2) If Minette is not humming, add herbs with a potency of
7 or greater. 3) If Minette says her favorite color is
red, add all herbs that grow in marshy areas. 

So, you need to put in all the various teas that fall
under those three categories:

Boojum – potency of 10
Breland – grows in a marshy area
Callicula – Gaviforme
Fennellery – Gaviforme
Gibbering – potency of 22
Hog Bone – Gaviforme
Macrophylla – potency of 7
Phyrigia – potency of 9
Pipsweet – potency of 8
Varvaine – grows in a marshy area
Yellow Buttons – Gaviforme

Once you make the tea, leave the room. If you did it
right, Minette calls you back into the room. If you did
it wrong, Minette complains and calls you back into the
room to try again. So I guess Minette calls you back into
the room no matter what you do.

In any case, once you make the tea correctly, Minette
gives you the job of going to Pont Neuf and buying stuff.
Stuff just like her current stuff, only different. Yay.

You can now explore Minette's office. There are two
important things to look at here. One is the magazine on
the table--flip the pages to see a partially-covered
picture of Minette in her office. The other important
thing to look at are three large dials covered in red
paint--ones that are covered up in the picture of Minette
in her office. Eventually, you're going to have to track
down the uncropped copy of the picture to see what the
dials looked like.

Go back to the office where Heather is. Nancy's part of
the office is the computer opposite of Heather. Go on the
computer and read the list of things to do (pick up an
envelope from JJ Ling, pick up photos from Dieter von
Schwesterkrank, deliver said photos to Jean Michel
Traquenard, fix the plotter, and do whatever Minette
tells you to do).

Another important thing in Nancy's work station is the
drawer on the left. Inside are doodles, and you can flip
through them for hints. The last page talks about the
plotter. Nancy's to-do list says to fix the plotter, so
this page comes in handy for that task.

The plotter is the weird machine against the wall. When
you zoom in on it, Heather says that it's the plotter.

Fixing the plotter is very easy. Set V to 1, H to 2, and
I to 1. Actually, V and I are already at one, so just set
H to 2. Then hit print.

The plotter prints out a test sheet, and it works
perfectly! Easy puzzle!

The phone then rings. Pick it up quick before Minette
gets mad and fires you (Minette is not a nice boss). The
person on the phone is Lynn Manrique, who is a historian
researching Noisette Tornade. Noisette used to own the
windmill that is Minette's studio.

Sadly, Minette can't talk with her because she's too busy
doing whatever it is that she's doing.

You can talk to Heather whenever you want, by the way. I
didn't mention that earlier.

When you try to leave the windmill (via the blue door),
somebody slips a letter under the door. OH NO! IT'S A
SPOOKY DEATH THREAT!!!! Heather wants you to throw it in
the Dodo Box with the other spooky letters, and Nancy
does so.

At this point, you've done everything you can do inside
Minette's studio. That is, you made Minette's tea, read
the to-do list, fixed the plotter and looked at the stuff
in Minette's office. That means it's time to do chores


Your chores are:

1) Get photos from Dieter at Rue du Bac.
2) Buy some stuff at Pont Neuf.
3) Deliver Dieter's photos to Jean Michel at Hotel De
4) Pick up an envelope from JJ Ling at Place Monge.

When you go to Dieter's, he tells you that he didn't
develop the photos yet because he used film, instead of a
digital camera. Being the nice guy he is, he gives YOU
the job of developing the film.

Gee, thanks, Dieter. Making Nancy do your work for you.

The instructions on how to develop film are in the binder
next to the fish tank. Read it, then head into the dark
room. You need to make pictures of all four negatives.

1) Put a negative in the machine.
2) Turn off the lights.
3) Flip the machine switch on. Keep it on for 2-9
4) Put the photo in the red tray for 7-12 seconds.
5) Put the photo in the white tray for less than 5
6) Put the photo in the blue tray for 8-15 seconds.
7) Turn the lights back on.

This puzzle is kind of a pain because the lights are off,
so you can't see anything. I recommend taping things to
your computer screen. Alternately, you can flush the
toilet in this room ten times. That gives you an Easter
egg, and it solves the puzzle. Yay!

Leave the dark room when you've got all the photos done.
Talk to Dieter some more, to learn that he doesn't like
John Michel, that Heather has a crush on him, and that he
used to be Minette's boyfriend before she dumped him. Aw,
poor Dieter.

The next chore is to buy stuff at Pont Neuf. Minette
wants stuff just like her old stuff, only different. If
you looked carefully, you noticed all her old stuff was
circular. So, you have to buy things that are circular.

Fortunately, the salespeople here circular items for
sale. When buying things, Nancy can haggle a bit and try
to buy things for less than the advertised price.
Unfortunately, if Nancy offers a bid that is too low,
she'll be forced to buy the item at full price. You can
always save right before buying something and reload in
order to ensure that you get the best deal on every buy.

Malika is the woman in the veil, closest to the park
entrance. She sells green rings. Buy them.

Monique is the woman with the yo-yo, farthest from the
park entrance. She sells and orange traffic cone and a
blue lava lamp. Buy them.

Monsieur Marchard is the man in the middle of the park.
He has a blue movie reel. Buy it.

Monsieur Marchand offers Nancy the chance to make money--
paint pictures, and he pays you 15 Euros per picture.
It's an easy challenge, and the only way to make money in
this game, so if you're ever low on money, paint a bunch
of pictures.

The third chore is delivering Dieter's photos to Jean
Michel Traquenard. You can't do this unless you have
developed the photos at Dieter's, obviously.

John Michel is nice and offers to buy a meal for Nancy.
You can talk to him about other things, such as Minette's
biggest competitor, Hugo Butterly. Jean gives Nancy his
(Hugo's) phone number.

The fourth and final chore is to pick up an envelope from
JJ Ling. JJ is a famous model, and she's also Nancy's
roommate. Talk to her about everything. She makes up a
story about losing her luggage for five years, she talks
about being a fitting model, and she makes it seem like
Dieter is a suspect.

There's not much to look at in JJ's, except a newspaper
about a mint shortage and a magazine about Zu and the
catacombs beneath Paris. You learn more about those
later. In the meantime, you've finished all your chores
outside of Minette's, so it's time to go back to
Minette's and get more chores.

Back to Minette's

When you go to Minette's, the phone rings. It's Prudence
Rutherford! Oh, goody goody gumdrops! She's a nice
character that Nancy talks to in other games in the
series, such as Phantom of Venice and Secret of the
Scarlet Hand. Prudence is expecting Minette to send
fashion designs to her.

The designs are done, but they need to be matched. Go to
the binder next to Heather to see the designs. Flip
through the pages until you get to the model.

See, all you have to do is follow the instructions, and
thereby make a little costume using the designed
clothing. Pretty fun.


Pink fuzzy shoes.
Pink boa.
Pink top.
Green pants.
Green hat.
Black sunglasses.


Pineapple purse.
Bunny ears.
Bunny mask.
Orange pants.
Fluffy white shoes.
Fluffy white top.


Green galoshes.
White pants.
Purple flannel coat.
Yellow mask.
Black purse.
Yellow wig.

Yay, that challenge is done! Now to see Minette.

Oh, darn. Minette is busy playing an online game, and she
won't talk to you.

Go to Nancy's desk. The notes in the drawer say that
Minette's computer logon is CAROL, password: RUDE. Log on
Jane's game portal and play Model Match.

You need to get over 1,000 points. You get points by
lining up three or more faces in a row. You get more time
on the clock when you make a match, and you can click
"MIX IT UP" to get some new pictures on the board. It's
not that tough to win.

Once you win, Minette will think that SHE won, seeing as
you were logged in as her. She will then tell Nancy to
come in, so go in and give Minette her stuff. That is,
give her the traffic cone, lava lamp, green rings, and
movie reel. Minette is pleased.

As soon as you leave, Minette becomes unpleased. She
starts screaming for JJ.


Go to JJ's (Place Monge). She wants to play Hangman,
which you don't have to do if you don't want to. The
important thing to do is tell JJ that Minette wants to
see her.

JJ is rather flippant about not going to Minette's--even
though that's her JOB--because she's cooking mint
cookies. Nancy agrees to make cookies for her, and then
JJ tells Nancy that (ha ha!) she doesn't have any brown
sugar and (HA HA HA!!!) she's doesn't have any mint due
to a mint shortage! But now that's Nancy's problem! Sucks
to be you, Nancy! BYE! 

I'm beginning to think that JJ stands for Jerk Jerk.

JJ takes off and leaves you with those problems.
Fortunately, they're rather easy to solve. For the
problem with the brown sugar, go to the park (Pont Neuf)
and buy a book on substituting ingredients from the
artist man. The substitute book says you can make up for
the lack of brown sugar by getting a teaspoon of Molasses
and some flour.  Molasses is inside J.J.'s food cabinet.

Second, you need mint. Go to the restaurant where Jean
Michael is and order the Creme de Glace. It comes with
mint, and Nancy takes the mint.

Now head back to JJ's apartment. Put the mint on the
counter with the other ingredients, then go to the
cabinet to get some molasses. Next to the molasses, you
can find two books on electrical engineering. RED HERRING
ALERT! RED HERRING ALERT! Make sure to instantly forget
about those books, because they're not important to the
plot of the game at all, and they're never mentioned

Put the molasses with the other ingredients, and you can
finally start cooking. Put all this stuff into the bowl:

3 butter cubes
1 1/2 cup sugar
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp molasses
2 1/4 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking sodea
1/4 tsp salt
1 mint
1 cup of chips

Click on the pan, and Nancy bakes them. JJ then calls, so
she can threaten Nancy by saying she'll go shopping
instead of seeing Minette if Nancy didn't cook the
cookies correctly. Real nice, JJ.

You get an infinite number of times to redo the puzzle,
however, so don't worry.

When you bake the cookies correctly, the edges curl up.
Nancy tells JJ about this, and JJ agrees to go to
Minette's. There's nothing to do outside of Minette's, so
you should go there, too.

More Minette Jobs

When you go to Minette's, the phone rings. It's a grumpy
German man on the phone. Minette's busy with JJ, so she
can't talk to him. He is not very happy to hear this.

On Nancy's desk is a pink note from Heather. It says to
buy a stuffed parrot. You should do that, but first...

Heather isn't here to prevent Nancy from opening the Dodo
Box. Yes! Go to the Dodo Box and try to open it. It's a
puzzle! You solve the puzzle by moving the Dodo to the
highlighted spot (using the controls on the lower/left)
without being attacked by enemies.

Junior Mode:

Beat the eagle by moving up, down, right, up, left, two
up, two right, three down, one right and one up.

Beat the wolf by moving two down, one left, one down, one
right, two down, three right, two up, two left and three

Beat the man by moving one right, one down, two left,
three down, one left, one down and two right.

Senior Mode:

Beat the eagle by moving right, two down, three left, two
up, two right, five down and one left.

Beat the wolf by moving two right and one left to trap
the first wolf. Then go three left, five up, two down,
two right, two left, two up and one right.

Beat the man by moving two right and two down to trap the
first man. Then go two right, two up, two left, two
right, five down and two left.

Examine the letters in the Dodo Box to notice that one of
them is different than the others. That is, most are cut
out of magazines, but one is cut out of normal printed
paper. Odd.

Once you have the Dodo Box open, go to the park and buy a
stuffed parrot from the artist man. Hey, Dieter is there.

Dieter leaves quickly. Pick up the stuff he left behind,
which is a newspaper article about Noisette Tornade (who
owned the windmill that Minette's studio is in) and a
clock thingy.

That was weird, and you can visit Dieter to follow up on
that. But for now, buy the parrot and go back to

Minette is screaming because somebody sent her a box of
cockroaches. She forces Nancy to go inside and pick them
all up. Go around the room, looking for the cockroaches,
and click on one if you see it.

This gives you a chance to explore Minette's studio while
she's not there. The two things you can find in the room
is a letter from the historian who is researching
Noisette Tornade. You can also find a letter from Heather
about fonts. Nancy recognizes it as the font used in the
odd threatening letter--Heather must have sent it!

The bug hunt is kind of tough at the end, but eventually
you can get all nine of them. Then tell Minette by trying
to exit her office. Minette wants you to leave the
cockroaches at the park, and she leaves. As Nancy says,
what a nutjob.

Go to the office and call Lynn, the historian by dialing
the Zippy phone number, then Lynn's number. She gives you
a lot of backstory about Noisette. She supposedly hid a
bunch of stained glass somewhere, she dated a German
named Hans von Schwesterkrank, and before she died, she
kept saying, "Red, Left, Green."

Great. Drop off the cockroaches at the park, and Nancy
follows up on the Noisette Tornade storyline. As happens
so often in Nancy Drew games, Noisette set up an
elaborate puzzle system.

Hidden Passageway at Dieter's

First off, head to Dieter's. He had Noisette's obituary,
and one of his relatives apparently dated Noisette.
That's gotta be more than a coincidence, right?

Dieter is in the darkroom, so talk to him. He says that
the clock opens a hidden panel in the wall. Nancy will
get to that momentarily, but first...

Talk to Dieter again. He's too busy to talk about Hans
von Schwesterkrank (who, as it turns out, was the one who
gave the clock to Dieter), so Nancy has to take some
stock photos for him. Take the camera near the darkroom
door and the list of things off his desk.

Great, the list is in French. Nancy has to go to Pont
Neuf to buy a dictionary from the yo-yo lady to translate
it. The list is:


The teapot is in Minette's, where you made tea. The
stapler is on Nancy's desk at Minette's, and the cross is
the monument at the park. Those are all the things you
can take pictures of right now.

Go back to Dieter's to follow up on the clock lead. See
the hole in the wall right of the fish tank? Put the
clock in there to find a clock puzzle!

The goal of the puzzle is to get all the clocks to be at
3:00. Moving some clocks moves others, so you need to
click on the clocks in the proper order in order to get
all of them to equal 3:00. This is a timed (ha ha!)
puzzle, of course.

Fortunately, you get more than enough time to solve the
puzzle. So much time that, on both Junior and Senior
mode, you can solve the puzzle by simply setting Clock 1
to 3:00, then Clock 2, Clock 3 and just do that over and
over again until all the clocks are at 3:00. You don't
have to worry about the order, because that strategy
works just fine.

Once you solve the puzzle, a secret passageway is opened
up. Enter the passage, and you see a spider on the right
wall. Ha! Take a picture of it.

Then go down the passage, and at the end you see a safe.
Nancy notices the odd picture on it. Open it up and you
see a puzzle.

The puzzle says "The year when the despair ended--the
year when my despair began." When did Hans von
Schwesterkrank despair? Why, when World War Two was over
and he was sent back to Germany, never to see Noisette
Tornade again. Enter 1945 as the combination.

Noisette's obituary and the cross at the park mention
1945, for those of you who aren't history buffs.

The safe opens and inside is Noisette's spy journal.
Cool! It's all about her M380 decoder (complete with a
code to test out). It also mentions her idea of a metro-
based code (which you'll see later). And there's a piece
of graph paper inside.

Meet Zu, JJ's Stalker

Well, this gives Nancy a few new leads to follow up on.
One is to learn about codes, one is to learn about the
M380, and the other is to learn about hidden passageways.

To learn about codes, go to Pont Neuf and buy a book on
codes from the artist man. You should probably also buy
the book on martial arts from the lady in the veil, as it
comes in handy at the end of the game when the culprit
tries to beat up Nancy.

Artist Man also has an M380 for sale, but he says he
won't give it to you unless you get him a bottle of
Mouton Fuette 1968. Excellent.

Now for the lead with hidden passageways--this is a lead
that Nancy mentions in her cast notes. If you haven't
already, read the magazine at JJ's that mentions Zu, the
catacombs explorer. He knows all about hidden

Go to JJ's or Nancy's work, then call Zu. He is a big fan
of JJ's, and will tell you about a passageway where he
saw Noisette's symbol if you get him JJ's autograph.

Go to JJ's (if you're at JJ's, leave and come back). She
refuses to give out her autograph. That means Nancy will
have to trick her.

Play a game of Hangman with JJ. She writes down all the
letters you pick, so pick the letters to spell out "Zu my
love Jing". Nancy then takes the piece of paper with
those things written on it.

Go to Denfert Rochereau, which is the entrance to the
catacombs. See the skull? Put JJ's autograph in the

While you're here, take out the digital camera and take a
picture of the skull, as well as the candles. That's
everything Dieter wanted a picture of! Great.

Hidden Passageway at the Park

Go back to Dieter. If you have all six pictures, he's
standing at his desk, waiting to talk to you. Talk to him
about Noisette Tornade and Hans von Schwesterkrank.

Dieter admits that he knows all about it, and he
originally started dating Minette in order to learn more.
But, sadly, Dieter is now in love with Minette, and he's
way too focused on that to care about mysteries anymore.

Amazingly enough, Dieter is telling the truth.

Dieter gives Nancy a postcard that Hans gave to him. It's
important to solving the mystery.

One side of the card has pictures which note where four
hidden passageways are. We found the one at Dieter's, and
you have to find the other three. One is in the park, the
other is at the windmill, and the last is in the

In case you couldn't tell by the name of this mini-
section, we'll do the one in the park first. Flip the
postcard over, and Nancy sees a bunch of eyes.

The book of codes which you got from the artist dude in
the park mentions something like this. While Nancy is
looking at the postcard, open the inventory and take out
the graph paper. Put the graph paper on the postcard. It

Noisette's last words were "red, left, green". That's the
key to this puzzle. Click on all the eyes that are green,
and all the eyes that are red and looking left. This
results in the message "Sous Lorraine 4154."

"Sous" is French for "under". Head to the park, where the
Cross of Lorraine is. See the various numbers there?
Click on the numbers 4 1 5 4 to see...more puzzles.

The three puzzles are things inside the park. The first
is the mouths thing--you want to get them into the
position shown on the cross. You do this by turning the
handle ten times. Easy enough.

The second puzzle is getting the pinwheel to be at
purple. That's easy enough, but a pesky squirrel will
show up and turn the wheel as soon as Nancy's back is

Click on the area left of the tree, and Nancy says what
she needs to do (in junior mode, she is VERY specific).
You have to buy a pie tin, string, and a stake. Buy a
flashlight while you're at it. Then put the stake in the
ground, tie string to the stake, and tie the string to
the pie tin.

The pie tin will rattle and scare the squirrel.

Set the pinwheel to purple.

The third puzzle is easy--go to the water fountain and
press the red button. Done! The hidden passageway is
revealed. Climb down and explore (you can't do this
without a flashlight). After an extended walking
sequence, Nancy finds a key the Noisette hid.

Hidden Passageway in the Catacombs

The third hidden passageway is in the Catacombs. Call Zu
about it, because he owes you a favor since you got him
JJ's autograph. He says the symbol is a hazelnut (which
is "noisette" in French), and that one is near the Mouton
Beverage Company.

Mouton, eh? As in, Mouton Fuette 1968! The thing you have
to find in order to get an M380 decoder!

The passageway is underwater, so Nancy has to get a
wetsuit. Buy one from the artist man. Then go to the
catacombs and lift up the skull. Press the red button and
a passageway opens to your right.

Go through the passage into the catacombs. You can go
forward across the plank, then to the right. If the
tunnel police show up (you can hear them), duck into the
passageway on the left for a moment until they leave.

You want to all the way to the end of the tunnel, where
you can go left to the area where water is. Head into the
water, and Nancy puts on her wetsuit. She also puts all
of her things into a little pile behind her.

Swim forward into the water, then dive down. You have a
difficult swimming challenge--swim through the tunnels
without running out of air!

You'll want to swim forward twice, turn right, swim
forward three times, turn right, and move forward. See
the bottle in front of the fan? Grab it, because it's
Mouton Fuette 1968. Get back to the starting point by
turning around, moving forward, turning left, then going
forward a bunch of times. Swim up to get some air.

Now for the hidden passageway. You get there by going
forward four times, right, forward, left, forward twice,
right, forward, left, forward twice, right, forward,
left, forward and I'm lost at this point, so just keep
swimming forward at this point really quick to make it to
the end.

Here, climb up the ladder and you find another wall safe
with Noisette's symbol on it. Open it up, and it has a
puzzle with a bunch of nonsense words. Remember how
Noisette's code book mentioned experimenting with a metro
code? This is the code she was talking about--see, all
the French words are places on the metro map.

This is tough, because you don't have the map or the code
book with you right now. In any case, the solution is 3 7
2 4. This opens the safe and gets you...a windmill.

Head back down the ladder, and do the swimming section
again. What a pain. Get out by swimming left, forward
twice, right, forward four times, right, left, forward
twice, right, forward, left, forward twice, right,
forward, left, and forward a bunch of times. I think.

When you're done, head out of the water. A rat might be
nosing around in Nancy's stuff, and it might even steal
something! Mean rats.

M380 Puzzle

In any case, now that Nancy has the Mouton Fuette 1968,
she can take it to the artist man in the park and trade
it for the M380. Now you can use it to decode Noisette's
message...or not.

First you need to set the dials on the machine. The dials
look like the ones on the wall in Minette's studio, only
those dials are now covered with paint. How can we know
what the dials looked like before they were covered with

If you remember, there was a cropped photo of Minette in
her studio, standing in front of the dials. Go to Jean
Michel Traquenard and ask him for a uncropped copy of the

Jean Mi wants you to do him a favor first--make parfaits
for the cafe owner. Easy enough, I guess. There's a book
that shows you what the parfaits look like, so put the
ingredients in a parfait according to the book, the press
the bell.

After making six or so parfaits, the task is done, and
Jean Mi gives you the picture. The dials were set to 9,
5, 3. Great!

Now set the M380's dials to 9, 5 and 3. Then zoom in on
the keyboard and type in the code that was written in
Noisette's code book. This is tough if the rat stole your
code book, obviously. In any case, the code is: 


Don't use spaces or the enter key, and you get the
message red, white, red, blue, red (in French).

Finding the Stained Glass

Head to Minette's, and Nancy will notice a paint bomb on
her door. Oh no! To make matters worse, Minette doesn't
want Nancy messing around with her door.

Nancy now has to defuse the bomb. The instructions on the
left say that it's okay to have two fuses of the same
color touching each other, as well as two fuses of the
same shape. Rearrange all the fuses so every connection
is okay.

Here's my poorly-done map of what to do:

____|     |
|         |  B  G
R  Y      |  S  S
C  C  -YC-|  |__|_
|__| |           |
|    |    BC-BS--|
G    |--|
C       |
|  |-YS-|
|  |         |--|
G  |-Y       |  |
T    S       |  R
|    |-YT-RT-|  S
|_GT_        |
 ____|   BC RT BT
|         |_____|
|               |
GS   YT------BT-|

YT = Yellow Triangle, GS = Green Square, RC = Red Circle

Once that's done, Nancy throws the paint bomb out. Walk
into Minette's studio. See the column in the middle of
the studio, where Minette keeps her stuff? There's a
picture of the windmill thing you got from the catacombs.

Put the windmill thing onto the picture of it, and the
post opens up. There's an easy color puzzle here--switch
the colors until, from top to bottom, it's red white red
blue red, just like the decoder said.

A cutscene occurs, revealing the hidden passageway in the
windmill. Head down the passageway, and Nancy finds a
locked door. Open it with the key Nancy got from the
hidden passageway in the park.

Then head through the door, where all the stained glass
artwork is. YAY! Open up the stand and read the letter
from Noisette Tornade about the art. At the bottom of the
letter are the Roman numbers X, IV and III.

When you try to leave, a gate appears. There's a
complicated puzzle on the gate, which reads "Une Derniere
Enigme, Cher Ami".

Thank goodness for Junior Mode, or else I'd never have
figured out this puzzle.

1. Cher Ami refers to the M380. Somehow, this means you
have to use the number shift code (described in the book
of codes) on the message, using 380. 

3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0 3 8 0
X V E G M R Q Q E U M E Q Q G P M C K M R D U I 

See, for each "3", you replace a letter with the third
letter after it in the alphabet. With each "8", you
replace it with the eighth letter after it.

Cool. Now that you have a string of random letters, you
can type it into the M380. First, set the dials to 10, 4
and 3, just like Noisette's letter indicated.

Typing in all the letters gives you the message "Deux Un
Cinq Sept". That's French for 2 1 5 7. So, enter that
onto the gate to open it.

Head back to Minette's, and Nancy hears the culprit
speaking with his/her fellow criminals. Oh no! They're
planning on using Minette's dress as a bugging device!
Nancy has to inform the police!

Leave the passageway and grab the dress. The culprit
shows up and starts to fight Nancy.

The book on martial arts describes the various attack
moves. Basically, there are nine attacks the culprit
uses, each in a different area. Block each attack by
clicking where the culprit hits. Here's a diagram:

Huh SAH     Ehs SAH    Huh huh

Eee HAH    Shir-RAH    Sssss

Kee-LAH    Shee-TAH   Shuh-ZAH

So whenever the culprit is going to attack in the center,
the culprit cries "Shir-RAH!" The culprit also motions
towards the center of the screen. Click in the spot where
the culprit is about to hit, and the attack is blocked.

Block enough attacks, and the culprit collapses,
exhausted. After this, you see the ending of the game.
There are two endings; the normal ending, and the ending
that happens if you get Heather fired (by telling Minette
that Heather wrote one of the letters in the Dodo Box).
The two endings are pretty much the same; it's just that
in the Heather-fired ending, Heather doesn't invite Nancy
to a fashion show.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2009.  If you
want to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
under general information)

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