Danger for Hire

Danger for Hire

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 52
Danger for Hire cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 52
Danger for Hire

When River Heights is lulled
into a false sense of security,
Nancy sets off the alarm

The exciting world of law enforcement is the subject of a high school career fair, and Nancy is a guest speaker. But the real excitement begins when speaker Tom Hayward, head of a fast-growing security company, takes center stage. He gets an urgent message that a warehouse he protects has just been robbed!

The theft is just one in a series of burglaries plaguing Hayward Security, and Nancy suspects that someone has set the company up to take a fall. But as she closes in on the truth, Nancy finds that she, too, is being set up. If she doesn’t catch the rip-off artist fast, he might just paint her out of the picture for good!

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