Danger on Parade

Danger on Parade

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 77
Danger on Parade cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 77
Danger on Parade

A New York holiday tradition
draws Nancy into
a march of crimes

Nancy and Bess have been offered the chance of a lifetime: a behind-the-scenes look at Mitchell’s department store’s star-studded Thanksgiving Day parade. But this year’s gala event is following a perilous route. Someone is determined to flatten the floats, burst the balloons, and sabotage the entire spectacle — no matter who gets hurt.

The Thanksgiving feast of felonies leaves a sour taste in Nancy’s mouth. She’s learned that the police already have a prime suspect — Bess — and they have evidence to back up their charge. Nancy knows she’ll have to work fast: Not only could the parade be headed for disaster, but her best friend could be headed for jail!

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