Dangerous Relations

Dangerous Relations

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 82
Dangerous Relations cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 82
Dangerous Relations

Nancy goes behind the scenes
at the circus and finds big trouble
under the big top.

Nancy’s in Sarasota, Florida, winter site of the Grand Royal Circus, to help trapeze artist Natalia Petronov look into her heritage. Adopted as an infant, Natalia is now determined to find her real father. But as Nancy searches for clues in a shadowy past, one thing becomes instantly clear in the present: Natalia’s life is at risk!

Natalia flies through the air with the greatest of ease — until someone messes with her trapeze. And whoever’s playing tricks is definitely not clowning around. The circus of danger is about to begin, and in the center ring lies a deadly secret. The search for the truth could lead Natalia — or Nancy — to take a hard fall . . . without a net!

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