Deadly Intent

Deadly Intent

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 2
Deadly Intent cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 2
Deadly Intent

Nancy Drew is looking
for a kidnapped rock star —
but she finds a lethal conspiracy.

With backstage passes to Radio City Music Hall, Nancy and her three best friends meet the members of the country’s hottest rock group, Bent Fender. But the fun is over when, minutes before the concert, the lead guitarist vanishes. Nancy takes the case.

Soon her list of suspects reads like the WHO’S WHO of the New York rock scene. And her clues read like a puzzle: What do a wallet with a dragon emblem, a license plate, and two anonymous men have in common with the missing musician? Then Nancy’s boyfriend Ned shows up, eager for romance. Nancy feels she can’t spend the time–until, through Ned, she uncovers a conspiracy that could blow the lid off the music industry.

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