Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 3
Don't Look Back cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 3
Don’t Look Back

When affection turns to infatuation, Nancy must come to terms with a new kind of threat…

Everybody’s buzzing with the news: Casey Fontaine, star of the hit television series The President’s Daughter has enrolled at Wilder University, and she’s moving into Nancy’s suite at Thayer Hall. But while interviewing the actress for the campus newspaper, Nancy makes a shocking discovery: Casey fears for her life!

Bess, meanwhile, is also feeling the pressure. For weeks she’s known the ugly truth about a certain guy on campus — a secret she must now reveal, no matter the risk. And even though Nancy’s relationship with pre-med student Peter Goodwin is starting to send off sparks, she’s finding that the line between love and danger can be razor thin.

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