Don’t Look Twice

Don’t Look Twice

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 55
Don’t Look Twice cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 55
Don’t Look Twice

Nancy meets her match —
in the game of love and
in the art of crime.

Nancy’s in Chicago to cheer the Emerson College basketball team, led by co-captain Ned Nickerson, against their archrivals. But she can’t believe her eyes. Has Ned saved his slickest moves for the post-game celebration? Is he really making a pass at Denise Mason, a cheerleader who bears a striking resemblance to Nancy?

The mystery takes an even more serious twist when a kidnapper, intending to abduct Denise, grabs Nancy instead! Denise’s father is the curator of a museum, and a team of art smugglers are making a play for a priceless painting. In a case of forgery and mistaken identity, Nancy discovers that deception and danger are the only rules of the game.

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