Easy Marks

Easy Marks

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 62
Easy Marks cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 62
Easy Marks

A is for Arson,
B is for Bribery,
C is for Computer fraud…

And D is for Danger when Nancy goes undercover to investigate a grade-changing scheme at Brewster Academy. Someone has penetrated the school’s computer and is extorting cash from students in exchange for upgrading their academic records. But now Nancy’s messing with the program, and the mystery hacker is determined to make her pay.

The school is abuzz with controversy, and the teen detective is in the middle of it. Just about everyone, from a jealous girlfriend to an angry administration, is looking to take a byte out of Nancy. But her most dangerous enemy of all is sitting at a computer keyboard — and Nancy’s about to make a shocking discovery that could be terminal.

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