Enemy Match

Enemy Match

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories - Book 73
Enemy Match cover art
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories – Book 73
Enemy Match

The excitement of a professional tennis tournament provides the backdrop for Nancy Drew’s latest adventure. An old school friend, tennis star Nina Ford, asks Nancy to help her father, who’s been convicted of theft and sent to prison. But on his way, he disappeared. It’s up to Nancy to find him — and the documents needed to prove his innocence.

Helped by her irrepressible new assistant, fourteen-year-old Midge Watson, Nancy investigates this mysterious situation. What she discovers is completely unexpected — someone is trying to fix the tennis matches Nina is scheduled to play!

Seeking answers to more than one puzzling question, Nancy pursues a long and perilous string of clues to unmask a dangerous gang of ruthless villains. But can she expose them before they get to her?

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