False Impressions

False Impressions

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 43
False Impressions cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 43
False Impressions

When a con artist
enters the picture,
it’s Nancy who gets framed!

A beautiful young woman in nearby Mapleton has been bilking the members of a posh country club out of thousands of dollars. The extortionist’s name, according to the victims, is Nancy Drew! What’s worse, the con artist is a dead ringer for the teen detective.

The fix is in, and Nancy feels the sting. But two can play at this con game. Disguising herself as a reporter, Nancy resolves to ferret out the truth. The story’s hot, but the news is all bad. A small-time Chicago hood has turned up dead with Nancy Drew’s name in his pocket, and now the police suspect her of murder.

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