False Moves

False Moves

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 9
False Moves cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 9
False Moves

A gala ballet
becomes the turning point
for a million-dollar jewel heist

A daring thief has managed to snatch the fabulous Raja diamond from a dancer’s costume – right in front of a national TV audience. Although Ned and Nancy have split up, Ned asks her to investigate. The bad news is, he expects Nancy to clear his new girlfriend, the rising young ballerina who was onstage when the theft occurred.

Once the chase is on, Nancy discovers that the old magic with Ned is still there. And she can certainly use his help on the case. For one thing, she has too many suspects – from the ballet company’s feuding directors to its star ballerina. But most disturbing of all is the mysterious black-clad figure stalking Nancy’s every move.

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