Famous Mistakes

Famous Mistakes

Nancy Drew Diaries - Book 17
Famous Mistakes cover art
Nancy Drew Diaries – Book 17
Famous Mistakes

Nancy and her friends are out to find a comedian’s saboteur in this seventeenth book of the Nancy Drew Diaries, a fresh approach to the classic mystery series.

Nancy’s boyfriend, Ned, has recently started his own podcast called NedTalks and he just got his big break. Up and coming comedian Brady Owens has agreed to sit down for an interview. And this isn’t just any interview; it’s the first interview Brady has given since a video of him lashing out at an audience member went viral. Now people are protesting his shows and calling him violent.

Nancy agrees to help out with the technical stuff so Ned can focus on the hard-hitting questions. But when they go to meet the interviewee they find Brady’s hotel room trashed—and no comedian in sight. Luckily, they find Brady unhurt and nothing of monetary value is missing from the room. Only his notebook of new material is gone. Brady says he knows it’s the people who’ve seen the video of him yelling. They think he’s dangerous and doesn’t deserve a platform. He wishes it would all blow over.

Nancy disagrees with Brady. She thinks he should apologize to the crowd and admit that he crossed a line. But she recognizes a person in need of help when she sees one and agrees to get to the bottom of this sabotage anyway.

Complex social media charts, undercover outfits, and intense button study send Nancy, Bess, George, and Ned on a wild ride through River Heights to uncover the truth. But nothing is what it seems in this game of comedic timing. Can Nancy find the culprit before it’s too late?

Dear Diary,

Ned was so excited to interview the comedian Brady Owens for his podcast, NED Talks. I tagged along to help with the interview, but when we went to Brady’s hotel room, we found it completely trashed.

Brady tried to pass it off as just some bad luck, but the director of the Arts Complex was worried and threatened to call off the show. The director agreed to let Brady perform, but only if I solve the case before the show. The trouble is that my only clue is a missing gold button! Am I in over my head this time?

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