Fatal Ransom

Fatal Ransom

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 12
Fatal Ransom cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 12
Fatal Ransom

When a teen-aged heir disappears,
Nancy finds that family feuds
can get vicious

Nancy is asked to investigate the kidnapping of Hal Colson, teen heir to a huge fortune. His handsome young uncle, Lance Colson, is sure the unsavory types Hal hangs out with are holding him captive. Lance’s girlfriends feels Hal doesn’t deserve the near half-million dollar ransom demanded by the kidnappers.

Things really heat up when Nancy asks her friend George to keep tabs on Hal’s punk pals. First, someone tries to blow up Lance’s Maserati — with Nancy in it. Then, Nancy and her friends are grabbed. How big a price will the kidnappers put on their lives?

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