Getting Closer

Getting Closer

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 8
Getting Closer cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 8
Getting Closer

It’s a season of sweet surprises.

Nancy’s stunning exposé in the Wilder Times about the cult-like group REACH is making headlines.  But that’s certainly not the only news on campus.  The breaking story concerns Will Blackfeather, whose exhibit of Native American artifacts could turn into a disaster — if Nancy doesn’t find out who’s stealing the show.

For Bess, the story is Paul, who sent her on a treasure hunt, in which she’s bound to make some unexpected discoveries.  Ginny and Ray are also looking to find something special together… if her parents don’t stand in the way.  As for Nancy, item number one is still Jake.  He’s taking her out to celebrate her success, and if she’s willing, he’ll do it with a passion!

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