Going Home

Going Home

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 16
Going Home cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 16
Going Home

Sometimes it’s hard to know the real deal if you’re not hanging with the right crowd.

Exams are finally over, and Nancy and George have big plans for the long weekend. They’re heading home to River Heights, not only to check on Bess who’s in the hospital recuperating from her accident but to spend time with Jake and Will — which means introducing the guys to their families. And they thought all the tests were done!

But Nancy has plenty to keep her busy — like the hot new audiotapes Jake’s found. Too hot, in fact: They’re counterfeit copies, and someone could end up paying a high price if caught selling them. Meanwhile, back on campus, Stephanie’s wondering if the new guy in her life is offering true romance or counterfeit affection — which also can exact a painfully high price.

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