Hard to Get

Hard to Get

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 14
Hard to Get cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 14
Hard to Get

It’s time to party, and everyone on campus is playing games.

What’s with Emmet, anyway? Eileen just can’t seem to figure the guy out. Great-looking, fun to be with, but just when the going is good, he’s sure to say or do something guaranteed to kill the mood. And talking about awkward.

The only thing Stephanie likes about her job is her manager, and she likes him a lot. Problem is, he may be running a major scam on the side.

Maybe Nancy can get to the bottom of it… if she can find the time. She’s got her hands full, running a scam of her own — on Jake! One of his articles has been picked up by the Chicago Daily Herald and Nancy’s planning a celebration. It’ll involve secrecy, deception, maybe even a bit of melodrama, but if it works, it’ll be a night Jake will never forget.

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