Heart of Ice

Heart of Ice

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 103
Heart of Ice cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 103
Heart of Ice

A Holiday at 14,000 Feet Leads
Nancy to the Pinnacle of Peril

For Nancy and Ned, a week alone together in Washington state is a dream come true: days rushing down the ski slopes, evenings cuddling by the fire. But at the last moment, their vacation plans take a chilling turn. An invitation to scale majestic Mount Rainier draws them to the edge of an icy and potentially lethal precipice of mystery and danger!

Kara and Alex Wheeler, owners of the Alpine Adventures guide service, have been victimized by a campaign of terror — anonymous threats, midnight break-ins, sabotaged equipment. But to get to the bottom of the case, Nancy must go to the top of Mount Rainier: steep, rugged, isolated…the perfect setting for a cliffhanger and a deadly surprise!

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