It’s Your Move

It’s Your Move

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 6
It's Your Move cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 6
It’s Your Move

How do you keep cool when life is getting hotter by the minute?

That’s the question Nancy’s asking, and she’s having a tough time finding an answer. Like Bess, television star Casey Fontaine is pledging Kappa, and the whole sorority is in an uproar. The reason is, Casey’s getting special treatment, and there could be an investigation… meaning Kappa is in serious danger of losing its charter.

Meanwhile, the drama department’s first play is opening, and Bess and Brian are in the cast. But someone’s threatening to reveal a secret that could make Brian an outcast with his family. Nancy’s offered to help… while dealing with a dilemma of her own. Lately, romance has spelled trouble and she wants to cool it. But with all the moves Jake is making, she’s feeling the heat!

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