Jealous Feelings

Jealous Feelings

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 20
Jealous Feelings cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 20
Jealous Feelings

In the geometry of love, everyone has a different angle…

The heat’s on between Nancy and Jake.  Romance?  No way.  Anger?  Jealousy?  Resentment?  You bet!  And just because Nancy went to the movies with Terry.  Maybe it’s time to cool it with Jake, like George is doing with Will.  He thinks she’s found another guy, too.  But the truth is far more complicated… and far more scary!

Meanwhile, Ginny Yuen, who’s volunteering at the hospital, can’t figure out what’s going on with the handsome young doctor Malcolm Hendrix.  Is it chemistry or is it a con?  The truth may come out in an exposé Nancy’s writing for the Wilder Times.  But Nancy has to deal with Jake’s jealousy and her own:  Her old boyfriend, Ned, is coming to Wilder — to see Bess!

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