Keeping Secrets

Keeping Secrets

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 18
Keeping Secrets cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 18
Keeping Secrets

Revealing the truth can be a real pain.  Especially the truth about yourself…

All her life Stephanie’s been looking for a guy like Jonathan. But now that she’s found him, she’s going out of her way to mess up — and finding plenty of guys willing to help. Bess, meanwhile, can’t get past the tragic loss of her boyfriend. But she may find the support and comfort she needs in the most surprising place…

The place to be, though, is Club Z and Nancy wants to check it out. She’s working on an expose for Wilder Times that could put her at odds with her editor and with Jake. Everybody’s feeling the pressure, and opening night at the club will be a time to blow off steam… or blow the lid off all the secrets on campus!

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