Let’s Talk Terror

Let’s Talk Terror

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 86
Let’s Talk Terror cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 86
Let’s Talk Terror

It’s hot. It’s cool. It’s controversial.
It’s talk TV . . . and for Nancy Drew it’s
turning deadly serious!

Everybody’s talking about “Marcy,” Chicago’s hip new teen TV talk show, and Nancy has tickets to see it live. When host Marcy Robbins grabs the mike and goes on the air there’s sure to be plenty of fast talk and shock-filled fireworks. But the biggest surprise of all is directed straight at Marcy: an anonymous threat on her life!

Professional rivalry . . . personal jealousy . . . crazy love . . . relationships out of control. . . . They’re not the topics of Marcy’s show, they’re just a small sample of the secret intrigue churning and burning behind the scenes. Nancy’s digging up all the dirt, searching for the single obsession powerful enough to incite a passion for murder!

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