List of Nancy Drew Movies and TV Shows


  • Nancy Drew Movie Mystery Collection (1938-39)

Nancy Drew: Detective
Nancy Drew: Reporter
Nancy Drew: Trouble Shooter
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase

  • Nancy Drew:  Get a Clue (2007)


  • The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977-78)

Season 1

Nancy Drew Mysteries

The Mystery of Pirate’s Cove
The Mystery of the Diamond Triangle
The Secret of the Whispering Walls
A Haunting We Will Go
The Mystery of the Fallen Angel
The Mystery of the Ghostwriter’s Cruise
The Mystery of the Solid Gold Kicker

Season 2

Nancy Drew Mysteries

The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (with Hardy Boys)
The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom (with Hardy Boys)
Nancy Drew’s Love Match
Will the Real Santa Claus…?
The Lady on Thursday at Ten
Voodoo Doll (with Hardy Boys)
Mystery on the Avalanche Express (with Hardy Boys)
Arson and Old Lace (with Hardy Boys)

  • Nancy Drew (1995)
  • Nancy Drew (2002)

2 Comments to “List of Nancy Drew Movies and TV Shows”

  1. Bohdan Dubej says:

    Still looking for good copies of the 1995 TV series and the 2002 TV movie. All movies and series were interesting, and fun to watch, although, I thought, physically, Tracy Ryan (1995) and Sophia Lillis (2019) were more in line with my mental image of Trixie Belden (especially Sophia) than Nancy Drew. Cannot, for love or money, find a decent copy of either the 1995 series or the 2002 movie.

    Since you posted the episodes for the Hardy Boys / Nancy drew series, may I ask why you didn’t post the 1995 episodes?

    01 Welcome to the Callisto
    Air date: September 23, 1995

    02 Happy Birthday, Nancy
    Air date: September 30, 1995

    03 Exile
    Air date: October 7, 1995

    04 Asylum
    Air date: October 14, 1995

    05 Ballad of Robin Hood
    Air date: October 21, 1995

    06 Bridal Arrangements
    Air date: October 28, 1995

    07 The Death and Life of Billy Feral
    Air date: November 4, 1995

    08 Double Suspicion
    Air date: November 11, 1995

    09 Stranger on the Road
    Air date: November 18, 1995

    10 Photo Finish
    Air date: November 25, 1995

    11 Who’s Hot, Who’s Not
    Air date: December 2, 1995

    12 Fashion Victim
    Air date: December 9, 1995

    13 Long Journey Home
    Air date: December 16, 1995

    1. admin says:

      Hi Bohdan Dubej, thanks for you visit, comment, and question. The episodes have not been listed because this site is a very, very long work in progress. Thanks for including the info.

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