Love and Betrayal

Love and Betrayal

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 21
Love and Betrayal cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 21
Love and Betrayal

Sometimes, if you don’t slow down, you’re bound to run into trouble…

Stephanie can’t seem to get her love life on track. Loving Jonathan is no problem. Staying faithful is another story. Now she thinks she’s found the perfect solution: marriage — and right away. Nancy says, go slow. But then, who is she to talk? Lately, as far as romance goes, her track record hasn’t been so hot either…

Nancy saw it with her own eyes: Ned Nickerson, her old love, getting close with her friend Bess. Talk about betrayal! And Nancy’s in no mood to forgive. But maybe handsome track star Judd Wright can at least help her forget — until their relationship takes a startling turn…

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