Loving and Losing

Loving and Losing

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 15
Loving and Losing cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 15
Loving and Losing

Sure, love hurts. But speed kills. At Wilder, the pain is hitting home.

A big-time cosmetics company is on campus looking for fresh faces to use in their ads, and both Pam and Reva are taking a shot. But their boyfriends, Jamal and Andy, aren’t exactly offering support. In fact, the guys seem more interested in cutting the girls down. They act as if they know everything, but if they don’t lighten up, they’ll find out what it’s like to lose a girlfriend.

Nancy, meanwhile, is dealing with a real loss. Bess went looking for romance and found tragedy. A motorcycle ride with Paul was cut short by a hit-and-run driver. She was seriously injured — and Paul was killed. Nancy knows there’s no simple answer to her best friend’s anguish, but she’s determined to find the driver and make him answer for Paul’s death.

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