Make No Mistake

Make No Mistake

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 56
Make No Mistake cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 56
Make No Mistake

Nancy attends the funeral
of a local millionaire — and
finds that greed dies hard

Carson Drew’s client Clayton Glover is dead, but a controversy is just coming to life. The million-dollar question: Who will inherit the businessman’s riches? But the case raises more than questions — it raises the dead. Glover’s only child, Matt, missing for five years and presumed killed in a skiing accident, has returned to River Heights!

The man bears a striking resemblance to Matt, but Nancy isn’t about to buy his amnesia story without an investigation. When a multimillion-dollar inheritance is at stake it’s easy to forget the past — and the law. Nancy’s determined to dig up the truth…so determined that in the process she might dig her own grave!

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