Most Likely to Die

Most Likely to Die

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 27
Most Likely to Die cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 27
Most Likely to Die

Nancy’s high school reunion
party turns up an old flame —
and ignites a burning feud

Wendy Harriman, the most popular cheerleader in Nancy’s class, invites her old schoolmates to a beach party. But the reunion stirs up much more than memories. Someone deliberately sets a flash fire at the barbecue pit — then Wendy’s room is ransacked and robbed.

When Nancy investigates she discovers Wendy isn’t as popular as she seems. A few fellow students still carry grudges against the snobbish teen queen. Nancy also finds that former boyfriend Don Cameron is still carrying a torch for her, which makes Ned see red. But romance takes a backseat to the mysterious crimes that follow the party guests. Now Nancy has to find out which of their friends is their worst enemy ever.

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