My Deadly Valentine

My Deadly Valentine

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 92
My Deadly Valentine cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 92
My Deadly Valentine

When love strikes a sour note, Nancy
ends up flirting with danger

Nancy has come to Emerson College to spend Sweetheart Week with Ned — a Valentine’s Day tradition. But this year’s festivities take an ugly turn when Rosie Lopez is crowned campus sweetheart. Her prize: a nasty knock on the head, a ride to the hospital, and an anonymous note threatening darker days and deeds to come.

The note is signed “Cupid,” and Nancy knows that this archer’s arrows are tipped with venomous intent. The object of the stalker’s wrath is Theta Pi, the sorority house where Nancy is staying. Pledging to unmask the Valentine’s Day avenger, Nancy discovers that Cupid has taken aim at a new target. Suddenly, she is in the line of fireā€¦and terror!

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