Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses! Walkthrough

Version 1.3 4/29/10

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Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses!
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2010

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Video Walkthrough
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. Chapter One: Welcome to Hollywood
  004b. Chapter Two: Cat Noir
  004c. Chapter Three: Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!
  004d. Chapter Four: Epic Heights
  004e. Chapter Five: Under Construction
  004f. Chapter Six: Dressing the Part
  004g. Chapter Seven: Smooth Moves
  004h. Chapter Eight: Get a Clue
  004i. Chapter Nine: Get a Room
  004j. Chapter Ten: Room Service
  004k. Chapter Eleven: Sensitive Materials
  004l. Chapter Twelve: Hack and Chips
  004m. Chapter Thirteen: Jewel of Karnak
  004n. Chapter Fourteen: Snakes on a Cane
  004o. Chapter Fifteen: Get a Room
  004p. Chapter Sixteen: The Lobby
  004q. Chapter Seventeen: Play It Again
  004r. Chapter Eighteen: Dead at the Wheel
  004s. Chapter Nineteen: Fishing for Evidence
  004t. Chapter Twenty: Eating Crow
  004u. Chapter Twenty-One: Let There Be Light...
  004v. Chapter Twenty-Two: Safe Keeping
  004w. Chapter Twenty-Three: Valley of the Kings
  004x. Chapter Twenty-Four: The Fire Within...
  004y. Chapter Twenty-Five: The Final Scene
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew Dossier:
Lights, Camera, Curses! It's a hidden object casual game in
which Nancy solves the mystery surrounding the making of a
Hollywood movie named "Pharaoh". No chapter in this game is
longer than 10 minutes.

You can contact me at if you want
to point out a mistake in my guide, put the guide on your
website, or something like that. 


Molly McKenna: Molly McKenna is the producer of "Pharaoh." She
is Nancy's boss, and the person who asked Nancy to help
investigate the on-set accidents.

Arthur Hitchens: He is financing "Pharaoh" as part of plans to
make some sort of theme park on the site of the movie.

Eda Brooks: She is the star of "Pharaoh", and she is hoping this
movie will cement her reputation.

Jorge Jackson: An Australian director who seems to have a grudge
against everyone else involved in making the movie.

Lois Manson: She was the star of the original "Pharaoh" movie in
the 1930s. She died before the movie was finished...perhaps
because the movie is cursed?

Lydia Linn: Lydia Linn is a tabloid writer who writes about Eda
Brooks and Lois Manson. The articles are not very nice.

Tatiana: Tatiana is the former wardrobe cleaner who quits due to
the accidents. She leaves her resignation note in the wardrobe

ZB Collingwood: Director of the original "Pharaoh" movie. He hid
some of the original footage and left clues on how to find it.

003-Video Walkthrough

I made a video walkthrough for this game, so if you want, you
can see me solve the puzzles here:

The walkthrough comes complete with my audio commentary. Each
video covers one chapter.


004a-Chapter One: Welcome to Hollywood

Chapter One is your basic intro to how the control scheme is
this game works. Click on an item to look at it, and click on
the item again to deselect it. Click on two items in a row to
use the two items on each other.

For example, click on that loose poster, then click on the
masking tape. The tape then gets used on the poster to tape it
down. Get it?

Try it out for yourself by fixing that light with the pliers and
the arm grabber.

Light + Arm Grabber = Pulls the light down.
Light + Eye Icon = Sees the light's prong is broken.
Light + Pliers = Puts the prong back in place
Light + Arm Grabber = Puts the light back in place.

The Eye Icon has you look at things, the Hand Icon makes you
open/move things.

Excellent. The camera moves to the left, where your goal is to
call Molly through the intercom. The items here are a locked
toolbox, an oil can (to the left), the intercom, and a dog
statue with rusty hinges.

Oil can + rusty hinges = gets you a hidden key
Key + locked toolbox = open toolbox with a screwdriver inside
Screwdriver + intercom = working intercom

Nancy wants to look at the poster, so select that, then the Eye
icon to see that it's a wanted post for a cat. How odd.

Look at the intercom, then use it to talk to Molly on Stage A by
pressing the Stage A button, then the red TALK button.

Molly has a job for Nancy: fix the generator. This will involve
filling it with gas, getting the cables working properly, and
fixing the broken panel on the side.

1) The loose board on the left of the generator is missing a
bolt. Use the bolt on the floor on it to fix that.

2) The generator needs gas. Use the wrench on the floor on the
gas cap to open the fuel compartment. Use the gas tank on the
open fuel compartment to fuel up. 

3) Those cables aren't working. Use masking tape on the broken
cable to fix it. The cables are still being crushed by the door,
so let's lift up the door. Use the chain on the floor on the
chain hoist to get the chain in place. Look at the door control
on the left and use the hand icon to lift it up (something you
can't do if the chain isn't in the hoist). That lifts up the
door, and the cables are now working fine.

Once you do all three things, turn the generator on by using the
hand icon on the ignition key.

Molly McKenna will now show up to talk to Nancy. This begins
conversation mode! Pick the correct things to say in order to
get points.

Nancy fixed the...GENERATOR.
The movie is suffering from...CREEPY ACCIDENTS.
On the wall, Nancy saw...A WANTED POSTER FOR A BLACK CAT.

If you pick the wrong answers, it's not too big a deal; you just
get less points than you would normally get.

A loud crash occurs nearby. Molly goes to investigate, and she
sends Nancy to retrieve an ankh at the nearby pawn shop.

004b-Chapter Two: Cat Noir

Nancy goes to the pawn shop, which has the ankh inside. But
Nancy can't get inside the pawn shop because it's locked!

Packing Peanuts + Trash Can = Clean packing crate

This reveals two things inside the packing crate. Look at them.
It's a poem/note from ZBC with hieroglyphics (which is a puzzle
that will be solved later) and batteries. Use the batteries on
Nancy's flashlight to turn the flashlight on.

With the flashlight, Nancy can now look at dark areas, such as
the one left of the trash can. In that area, we have a Bobby Pin
and a screwdriver.

Screwdriver + Grate = Bonus Audio Clip

You can use the bobby pin on the pawn shop door to enter
lockpicking mode. You can click to drop a yellow bead, and your
goal is to make the same shape that is seen on the left.

A series of shapes will appear. Form all three shapes to open
the door.

There's a crate inside the door. Open it to find the ankh! All
right, chapter three is over, and--what?

Oh, scratch that! Chapter Three isn't over! The cursed cat has
made an appearance! Nancy should catch that cat! The cat is on
top of an animatronic statue, so perhaps if Nancy gets the
statue working, the cat will come down.

Look at the fountain to find a token. Use the token on the token
machine to get it started.

Everything looks fine for a moment as the statue's eyes turn on,
but then the water fountain becomes electrified thanks to faulty
wiring. Better turn off the electricity and fix the wiring.

There's a hedge trimmer here. Use it on the hedge on the wall
and the gate. The hedge on the gate covers the electricity box,
and the hedge on the gate covers a gate.

Use your bobby pin on the gate to start lockpicking mode. This
time, it is slightly more complicated because there are two
colors and a time limit, but it is still pretty easy.

Behind the gate are some tools. Excellent!

Use the electricity box to turn it off, then use the tools on
the electric cable to fix it. Turn the power back on, put
another token in the token machine.

That works! The cat escapes after the statue fires its gun. It
appears to be inside a building, however. Look at the cat to end
the chapter.

004c-Chapter Three: Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

The goal for this chapter is to snoop around. Look at the vent
to see the cat and find a key. Can Nancy get the key?

There's a pencil on the desk, along with a coffee mug. The
cabinet near the door is locked, and there's trash in front of
the desk.

Trash on Floor + Trash Can = Clean Trash
Look at Trashcan = Piece of Gum
Gum + Trashcan = Wet Gum
Wet Gum + Pencil = Pencil with Gum on It
Gum Pencil + Vent = Nancy gets the key!

Use the key on the cabinet to get a weird, pretty thing. This
allows Nancy to look at some new things, like the pocket of the
coat on the coat rack (which has duct tape inside), the fan, the
cable on the fan and the piece of paper on the ceiling.

Coat Pocket Duct Tape + Fan Cable = Repaired Fan
Turn on the Fan
Fan + Paper on Ceiling
Look at Paper to get a clue about a Charleena Purcell book
Look at Book on the left-hand side of the room
Weird, Pretty Thing + Book = Opened book with a key inside
Key + Desk Drawer = Open Desk

Look at the desk to see a letter. It's from J, to Arthur
Hitchens. J is mad.

The phone then rings. Nancy answers it even though she's
currently breaking and entering. The man on the phone tells her
to return to the set, because another accident has occurred.

004d-Chapter Four: Epic Heights

Nancy returns to the set, where she has a conversation with
Molly. Apparently, the scaffolding collapsed, and Molly shut
down production for the night. The conversation cues are this: 

Nancy got a phone call from...A MAN WITH A DEEP VOICE.
She was told to...GET BACK TO THE SOUND STAGE.
The cursed cat was on top of...AN OLD DETECTIVE STATUE.
Nancy wants to investigate...THE COLLAPSED SCAFFOLDING.

Nancy first needs to get to the area where the scaffolding is.
This will involve moving the camera dolly to the correct spot.
This isn't TOO tough of a puzzle. Look at the dolly camera and
the shooting schedule, and the four places you can move the
dolly to.

The shooting schedule says that you shoot at the pyramids, the
Sphinx, the Anubis statue and the pyramids again.

That's Shot #37 (by the crates), Shot #2 (by the ramp), Shot #45
(by the Anubis statue) and Shot #12 (by the pyramids). To say it
again, it's the middle shot, the shot left of it, the shot
farthest left and the shot farthest right.

Nancy will then go the scaffolding. You want to put the pipes
into position. There are several pipes, and several places where
pipes can go. Look carefully at the ends of the pipes, noticing
which pipes have prongs and which ones don't, in order to put
them all in place correctly.

After three rounds of pipe-putting, it's investigation time! Try
to grab the cat and move the chair into place.

Look at the piece of paper, which is another poem from ZBC. Look
at the blot to see that it was purposely sawed down, which means
the set was deliberately sabotaged. Then look at the bead, which
could possibly belong to the saboteur.

004e-Chapter Five: Under Construction

That cat is still hanging around! Try to grab it!

The cat runs away, and now Nancy has to make a ramp to get to
the area where the cat is.

Pawprints + Paint Buckets = Open Paint Bucket
Look in Paint Bucket = Red Key
Red Key + Red Cabinet = Open Cabinet
Look in Cabinet = Nails
Nails + Hammer Near Anubis Statue = Hammer and Nails
Look at the Notes Near Wood Pile = Ability to do Woodwork
Wood + Table Saw = Wood is Placed on Table Saw
Use Wood on Table Saw = Sawed Wood
Hammer and Nails + Sawed Wood = Ramp Built
Use the Red Lever = Pulley Is Lowered
Pulley + Ramp = Places Ramp on the Pulley Hook
Use the Red Lever = Puts the Ramp in Place

004f-Chapter Six: Dressing the Part

Nancy doesn't find the cat, but she does go to the wardrobe
room, where she can look at various things.

There's a semi-nasty tabloid article about Eda Brooks, a
resignation notice from Tatiana (the wardrobe woman), a note
from Molly about keeping the wardrobe area clean, and a note
saying that the display mannequins are for display only.

Nancy can now clean up the wardrobe room. We have three lockers
here, and using the display mannequins as guides, we can figure
out what goes in what locker. For example, NIK's locker contains
the brown soldier uniform, so the brown shoulder piece and skirt
go in his locker.

Meanwhile, the beaded skirt goes in MT's locker, and the
shoulder plate goes in the middle locker.

There's a whip on the floor. Use it on the three heads on the
shelf in the back to get the headgear models. Put each one back
into place. For the headgear that goes in the middle locker, you
first need to put the tiara (by the mirrors) on the head before
putting it in the locker.

Once everything is clear, use the broom to sweep up. Look at the
bead on the ground to see that it's the same kind of bead as the
one found near the broken scaffolding.

Nancy then wonders what could have caused the nameplate on the
middle locker to become scratched. See the screwdriver in the
bottom/right area? Use that on the middle locker, and Nancy
realizes that the screwdriver was used to scratch off the middle
locker's nameplate.

Eda Brooks, star of the movie, then enters wardrobe, and a
conversation begins. Nancy's cues are...

Tatiana quit because...SHE WAS SCARED OF THE ACCIDENTS.
Eda's costume is...MISSING A BEAD.
The tabloid author is...LYDIA LINN.
The nameplate for Eda's locker is...ALL SCRATCHED UP.

004g-Chapter Seven: Smooth Moves

Taking a tip from Eda, Nancy decides to visit the Casbah, a
local restaurant where the production crew hangs out. As soon as
Nancy enters, she gets roped into making smoothies for everyone.

Making smoothies is easy. Put all four ingredients into the same
glass to fill an order. The glasses move automatically, so you
don't have an infinite amount of time, but you should have
enough time to get every order filled without trouble.

Nancy will overhear people talking about the director, Jorge
Jackson. Jorge likes to drink Rattlesnake Smoothies. Nancy then
makes a Rattlesnake, takes it to Jorge and introduces herself.

The two have a conversation. The cues are...

The movie is having...MANY ACCIDENTS.
Jorge doesn't believe...IN ANY CURSE.

Sounds like Jorge has reasons to be upset with everyone involved
with the movie.

004h-Chapter Eight: Get a Clue

Nancy is snooping inside Arthur Hitchens' room. We know from
Chapter Five that Arthur has a decoder in here. Can we find it?

First step is that box on the counter. It's locked with a button
sequence. Can we open it?

Look at Hat on Hat Rack = Get a Key
Key + Locked Cabinet = Open Cabinet
Look at Cabinet = See Luggage Case
Use Luggage Case = Opens Case to Get Old-Fashioned Shaving Brush
Shaving Brush + Chalk Outline = Shaving Brush with Powder
Shaving Brush + Box = Highlighted Buttons

Using the shaving brush and chalk, Nancy fingerprints the box.
Four buttons have prints on them. You want to press them in
order of most chalk to least chalk to duplicate the code. 

That is, press the upper/left button, upper/right button,
middle/right button and lower/left button.

Look inside the box to get a letter from ZB Collingwood. It says
to use the decoder on the movie poster for Pharaoh, and that the
decoder location can be found inside Poe's Tell-Tale Heart.

That's a book, so look at the book on the bookshelf. Nancy
learns that the story involves someone hiding things underneath
the floorboards. Use the screwdriver on the desk on the floor to
pry up the floorboards. Look in the open floorboards to find the

Nancy needs to fill out this decoder a bit, wouldn't you say?
Fortunately, she has three notes from ZB Collingwood which
contain hieroglypics. You want to match the hieroglyphics to the
letters. For example, the hieroglyph of two eyes stands for the
letter "O".

There are three clues that need a one-word answer.

The name of the movie is...PHARAOH.
The starring role is...NEFERTITI.
Nefertiti was played by...LOIS.

Fill out all three answers on all three pages written by ZB

Nancy decides to check Arthur's voice mail, and Arthur himself
comes in. He's not upset that Nancy broke into his office; he
was hoping that she'd be a super detective and do things like
that. The two have a conversation.

Arthur is building...ANOTHER THEME PARK.
The original director was...ZB COLLINGWOOD.

Arthur tells Nancy to investigate Molly's room, so that's where
she's going next.

004i-Chapter Nine: Get a Room

Molly is at the hotel where the staff is staying, but she
doesn't have a key. And she doesn't know which room Molly is
staying in. Let's solve those problems right away, yes?

Look at the magazine on the table to learn that famous people
often register under fake names. Look at the hotel registry on
the desk to see the various names. Use Molly McKenna on Kelly M.
Conman to learn that Molly is registered as Kelly.

Look at the keys to see if there's a key for her room,
and...there isn't. Darn. Is there a key card somewhere, then?

Look at the sofa to find a key card. Use it on the door to learn
that Nancy doesn't want to be seen by the security camera.
She'll need a disguise, in other words. That involves doing a
series of mixing items.

Candy on Floor + Candy Jar on Desk = Finds a Note in the Candy
Read Candy Jar Note to Learn about the Fountain
Bird Cane + Clock = Starts Fountain
Watering Can + Fountain = Full Watering Can
Watering Can + Plant = Finds a Glass Eye
Glass Eye + Fish on Wall = Open Fish Mouth
Look at Fish Mouth = Gets a Key
Key + Locked Cabinet = Hat Disguise
Hat Disguise + Overcoat on Chair = Nancy Incognito

Before you can leave, you have to examine the poster. Do
hieroglyphics decoding to spell out "find the naja haje".
Well...that doesn't help very much.

Now use the key card on the door to get inside the hotel. 

004j-Chapter Ten: Room Service

Time to do the lock-picking challenge again! Drop the little
blocks so they form the pattern on the left-hand side of the
screen. Do this for a few patterns, and the door will open.

Nancy wants to hack into Molly's computer, but that's not
exactly easy. It's locked by a computer password.

There are tweezers in the lower left, and an electric toothbrush
near the sink. The iron on the ironing board has no steam. The
letter on the briefcase is sealed, the batteries on the TV
remote on the bed are dead, and there are water bottles near the

Let's start by opening the letter. As you might be able to
guess, you can use steam from the iron to open the letter.

Water Bottle + Iron = Putting Water in Iron
Use Iron = Steam
Steam + Letter = Letter Opened
Look at the Open Letter = Read Letter

Read the letter. Apparently, Molly is forgetful when it comes to
her computer password, so she hid clues to the password in her
room. One clue is in the boots, and the other clue is in the

Look at Pen = Remove Pen Cap
Tweezers + Pen Cap = Receive Note
Look at Note = Get Told to Turn on Water Faucet
Use Faucet = Get First Half of Password
Look at Boots = Receive Note
Look at Note = Told to Check TV Schedule
Use Electric Toothbrush = Remove the Batteries.
Batteries + Remote Control = Remote Control with Fresh Batteries
Remote control + TV = TV is On
Look at TV = Get Second Half of Password
Mirror + TV = Put the Halves of the Password Together

Nancy writes the password down on a piece of paper near the
computer. Use this on the computer to open it. Apparently, Molly
is researching the lost footage from the first Pharaoh movie.

004k-Chapter Eleven: Sensitive Materials

Nancy returns to Arthur to give a report. He was the one who
told her to examine Molly's room, after all.

Molly was on a website called...PHARAOH PHILES.

Arthur says Jorge is upset, because Arthur is giving him as
little pay as possible, due to the fact that the movie is way
overbudget. Arthur also says Molly spends a lot of time in the
prop room, so that's our next destination.

Nancy goes to the prop room...wait! There's glass on the floor!
This is dangerous, and it looks somewhat criminal. Let's clean
up here first.

The things you can interact with here are the door to the
editing room, the broken glass cabinet, the glass shards and the
can of green paint.

Look at Broken Glass Cabinet = See Fire Axe is Missing
Look at Paint = See the Paint Glows in the Dark
Use Light Switch = Turn Off Lights
Look at Paint on Door = Read "Key in Tut Base"
Use Light Switch = Turn Lights Back On

The Tut Base is, of course, the base to the nearby statue of
King Tut. It's stuck, however. We need to tap it open, using the
hammer on the fire extinguisher box.

Hammer + Statue Base = Blue Key
Key + Locked Editing Room Door = Open Door
Broom in Editing Room + Glass on Floor = Cleaned Up Glass

Nancy is now finished, so it's onto the prop room! Look to the
left and...uh oh, it looks like someone broke into the prop room
already. And something is broken on the floor. I wonder what it

Use Thing On Floor = Retrieve Data Chip for Security Camera

We'll look at the data chip in the next section. Now, use the
door to open it and get inside the prop room. Of course, it's a
mess, and Nancy, being the new general assistant, has to help
clean it up. This is not the most exciting job ever.

Mummy on Floor + Sarcophagus = Weird Impression on Sarcophagus
Spear near Sarcophagus + Hanging Snake = Snake on Floor
Snake on Floor + Snake Box = Snake Put Away
Look at Full Snake Box = Weird Item that Makes Impressions
Weird Item + Weird Impression = Open Sarcophagus
Look in Sarcophagus = Get Packing Manifest
Bird on Floor + Bird Box = Bird Put Away
Vase on Floor + Spot for Vase = Vase in Place
Ankh Prop + Ankh Prop = Ankhs Put Away
Staff Prop + Staff Prop = Staffs Put away
Packing Peanuts + Dust Pan = Full Dust Pan
Dust Pan + Crate = Packing Peanuts in Crate
Look at Crate = Find a Crowbar
Crowbar + Alligator = Access to the Clipboard
Clipboard + Packing Manifest = Missing Flash Boom
Crowbar + Flash Boom Crate = Crate Open
Look at Crate = Missing Flash Boom

Molly comes in and starts a conversation.

If nothing valuable is here...WHY WAS THE ROOM LOCKED?
While examining the scaffolding, Nancy found...A SHAVED-OFF
The data security chip...IS STILL INTACT.

Nancy is now going to examine the data security chip, and then
she'll stop off at Eda's locker. Molly's right; the bead from
Eda's costume found at the sabotaged scaffolding really DOES
make Eda look guilty. Sure, we already examined the locker
before, but it won't hurt to check again.

004l-Chapter Twelve: Hack and Chips

Nancy goes to the editing room now. Look at the thing on the
table to learn that it is a digital decrypter! Hooray for new

Use the chip on the decrypter to learn that this minigame is
like sideways Tetris! Rotate pieces by pressing the right-hand
mouse button, and drop a piece into place by pressing the left-
hand mouse button.

Get enough full rows through before making 20 mistakes, and the
game is over! The security camera shows a mysterious cloaked
figure entering the prop room and destroying the camera.

004m-Chapter Thirteen: Jewel of Karnak

Time to investigate Eda's locker (again). This time, it has some
pretty sophisticated security protecting it.

Look at the magazine on the chair to read it. It's an article by
Lydia Linn about the new security. Man, that woman writes

Let's got a better look at the security by using the pink powder
thing (on the table) on Eda's locker. It's protected by lasers!
Uh oh! We'd better redirect those lasers!

Open up the green box near the mirrors to find a small mirror.
Get the mirror out of the box by using the screwdriver (on the
floor) on it. Then, use the mirror on the lasers, and the lasers
are redirected.

Now, look at the lock. Eda has a note to herself about how to
open the locker. Apparently, the dead light bulbs are the key.

There are four dead light bulbs here. When you use one, it
reveals a note that you can look at. Do this with all four light
bulbs to get all four notes.

B1 + Blue Button = Button Pressed
Y2 + Yellow Button = Button Pressed
R3 + Red Button = Button Pressed
G4 + Green Button = Button Pressed

Pressing the four buttons in that order (1, 2, 3, 4) opens the
locker. Inside the locker is...a snake! Oh no!

The snake leaves, so Nancy can examine inside the locker. All
you have to do is move things out of the way with the hand icon
and look at things with the eye icon.

Move the necklace.
Move the lipstick.
Move the flower.
Look at the locket with two pictures.
Look at the article about Lois Manson.
Look at the book about flowers.
Look at another article about Lois Manson.
Move the glove.
Look at another book.
Look at the picture.

Eda is apparently a little obsessed with Lois Manson (the woman
who had her role in the original movie). Also, a super-valuable
jewel called the Jewel of Karnak was lost during the original
filming. Odd.

Eda comes in and freaks out, because she hates snakes. Nancy
talks to her for a bit.

A book in the locker...IS ABOUT THE JEWEL OF KARNAK.

Eda has the creepy feeling that someone is staring at her at all
times. Not staring...more like spying. Creepy.

004n-Chapter Fourteen: Snakes on a Cane

The snakes have escaped from their cages in the Reptile Room!
That's...really, really dangerous. Let's put them back!

Use the battery on the floor on Nancy's flashlight to power the
flashlight. Then, grab the snake-wrangling cane on the left.

Use the snake-wrangling cane on the snakes. That is, first click
on the snake-wrangling cane, then a snake. This puts that snake
back in its cage. You want to do this for all the snakes and the

The snakes and lizards are moving around constantly, which makes
it somewhat hard to find them.

Once that's done, it's time to look for evidence.

Look at...

The swizzle stick on the floor. It belongs to Jorge.
The note on the floor.
The cobra cage. It has a Naja Haje inside.
The can inside the freezer. It's tuna for the cat.

So it looks like someone is feeding the black cat, Naja Haje is
a kind of snake, and Jorge was in the Reptile Room. Hey, now
that we know what Naja Haje is, let's return to the poster about
Naja Haje!

004o-Chapter Fifteen: Get a Room

Nancy returns to the hotel. In chapter nine, we decoded the
poster here to get the clue "find the Naja Haje". Look at the
poster, then look at the snake on the poster.

Hieroglyphics time! Match the pictures on the snake with the
pictures on the decoder. You get the clue "DECDFA".

Interesting. Could they be musical notes? We don't have access
to a musical instrument right now, so Nancy copies down the
notes for later use.

Jorge Jackson himself now appears, and Nancy confronts him about
how his swizzle stick was found inside the Reptile Room.

Someone put a snake...IN EDA'S LOCKER.
In the reptile room, Nancy found...A SWIZZLE STICK.
The actress in the original movie is...LOIS MANSON.
How did Jorge know the thief stole...FLASH BOOM?

That was weird. Jorge knows more than he should (like the fact
that Nancy is a detective). Let's break into his room!

Look at the fountain to see something is in it. Remember how to
turn off the fountain? Use the cane with a bird handle on the
clock. That shuts off the fountain. Inside it is an employee
name tag.

Read the paper in the mailbox to learn that the camera is
protected with a security device that is only turned off when
technicians work on it.

There's now a message on the phone. Use the phone to get the
message. Ah, the phone is protected with an employee access
code! Use the employee name tag on the phone to listen to the

The message says that the key to the circuit panel is currently

Look at Sculpture Under the Poster = See It Takes an N-Bolt
Use the Rug = Find an N-Blot
N-Bolt + Sculpture = Open Sculpture
Use Sculpture = Opens the Secret Panel
Use Secret Panel = Turns off Security Camera
Use Security Camera = Remove Camera Chip
Camera Chip + Decrypter = Decrypting Challenge

This is the same decrypting challenge as in chapter twelve. Make
a set number of full rows before making twenty mistakes. There
is a meter at the bottom of the screen showing how close you are
to finishing.

Nancy then watches some security footage. Jorge is good friends
with the Anubis-head man. Also, the code to his room is 76253.
Aha! Let's go there in the next chapter!

004p-Chapter Sixteen: The Lobby

Nancy goes to Jorge's room, but it's kind of dark.

Use the light switch to turn it on. It looks like Jorge has a
photography lab. The light in the lab immediately burns out,
which means Nancy now has to find a new bulb. Also, Nancy needs
to get some film.

Remote Control + TV = Turns on TV
Look at Boot = Find Arthur's Credit Card
Credit Card + TV = Opens the Minibar
Use Minibar = Opens Minibar
Look in Minibar = Find Batteries
Batteries + Camera = Turns On Camera

Nancy automatically takes the film out of the camera.

Coffee Filter on the Minibar + Syrup on the Floor = Red Fileter
Red Filter + Lamp = Red Lightbulb

Nancy now has what she needs, so she returns to the dark room.

Red Bulb + Dead Light Bulb = Replaces Light Bulb
Look at Note on the Wall = Learn How to Make Prints

The way to make prints is to put negatives in the black bin,
wash them in the sink, then put them in the white bin. Enlarge
the prints, then run them through the bins again. Dry them off,
and you're done.

The sink and enlarger are both broken, though. You need to fix

Faucet + Wrench = Fixed Sink
Lens + Enlarger = Fixed Enlarger
Negatives + Black Bin = Step 1
Negatives + Sink = Step 2
Negatives + White Bin = Step 3
Negatives + Enlarger = Nancy Enlarges the Prints
Prints + Black Bin = Step 1
Prints + Sink = Step 2
Prints + White Bin = Step 3
Prints + Clothes Pins = Pins up Prints
Hair Dryer + Prints = Dried Prints
Look at Prints = Nancy Looks at Prints

The photos are all of Eda, specifically, her back. She's got a
weird symbol on her shoulder.

Nancy takes the photos with her as she leaves. While leaving,
she meets Molly and Arthur. They're upset, because Eda is
missing. Eda was supposed to show up at the Casbah, but she

Jorge said he'd be...AT THE CASBAH.

Molly and Arthur confirm that Jorge is not at the Casbah, like
he said he would. Well, this is weird. Jorge is missing, Eda is
missing, Jorge is stalking Eda. What's going on?

004q-Chapter Seventeen: Play It Again

Nancy goes to the Casbah to investigate. Remember how you made
smoothies in Chapter Seven? You have to do it again, only this
time you can make double orders.

When she's done, Nancy hear some gossip. It sounds like Eda and
Jorge are missing...because they're together at the docks. So,
Nancy will have to look into that later.

Right now, Nancy needs to fix things up a bit. Plus, there's a
piano here, and Nancy has been looking for a piano since Chapter

On the counter, we have the blender cup and the blender base.
There is an empty smoothie dispenser on the wall behind the
counter, and a big pile of fruit in the upper/right corner.

Blender Cup + Blender Base = Fixed Blender
Apple + Blender = Apple in Blender
Use Blender = Get Apple Smoothie
Blender + Smoothie Dispenser = Full Smoothie Dispenser

Now for some tech stuff. There's a microphone on the stage in
the lower left, a light on the floor of the stage which is
broken, and a dolly not to far above the microphone. There's a
briefcase on the counter which is open. Also, in the lower/right
corner of the screen, there's a paper Nancy might want to read.

Microphone + Microphone Wire = Plugged-in Microphone
Use Microphone = Learn The Microphone Works
Dolly + Big Box = Moves Big Box, Reveals Light Bulb Box
Use Light Bulb Box = Remove A Bulb
Screwdriver in Briefcase + Broken Light = Grating Removed
Broken Light + New Light Bulb = Working Light
Look at Light = See Message About 25 Hertz

The machine in the lower/right can make sounds. Also, we have a
red towel on the stool here.

Use Machine Dial = Set To 25 Hertz, Breaks Blue Bottle On Shelf
Red Towel + Broken Blue Bottle = Retrieve A Key
Key + Locked Machine In Lower Right = Access To Paper

The paper in the locked cabinet area says that the audio system
is acting oddly again. Fortunately, Nancy can fix it with her
digital decrypter, thanks to a convenient audio adapter. 

Nancy moves to the left side of the room, where the piano is.
She's about to start playing when that darn cat shows up and
breaks the sheet music. D'oh!

In this part of the room, we have some matches on a table on the
right side of the screen. There is a green couch behind the
piano and a fountain in the way back, behind the couches. 

Pillow on Floor + Couch Missing Pillow = Pillow Returned
Lucky Penny From Couch + Fountain = Penny in Fountain
Look at Fountain = Find a Piano Key
Piano Key + Locked Piano = Open Piano
Unlit Candle + Matches = Lit Candle, Finding Tape
Tape + Ripped Sheet Music = Repaired Sheet Music
Sheet Music + Sheet Music Stand = Music Put On Stand

At this point, you can move a picture outside, through the
glass. This gets you a bonus audio clip.

Piano Music + Piano = Nancy Plays Piano

Play the notes DECDFA on the piano keys (there's a diagram for
those of you who do not know how to play piano). Nancy then
busts out her mad piano playing skills and starts playing the
song super-well, despite the fact she's never played this song
before. Go Nancy!

004r-Chapter Eighteen: Dead at the Wheel

Nancy wants to go to the docks, but she doesn't know how to get
there. Instead, she goes to the Vintage Ville attraction, where
a piece of paper conveniently falls from the ceiling.

Look at the paper. It talks about the Dead at the Wheel
attraction, where a car crashes into a wall, and the statue
fires its gun. Sounds like an interesting amusement park ride!

There's a wall here, which is the wall mentioned in the paper.

Paper + Fake Wall = Nancy Notices The Fake Wall
Look At Wall = Find Instructions On Operating The Attraction
Use Fake Wall = Nancy Realizes The Attraction Must Be Started

Nancy moves to the right side of the area, where the car is.

Use The Car = Learn Car Is Broken

Nancy will have to fix the car door. Use the lock pick icon on
the car door (near the back of the car) to start the lock
picking challenge again.

Once the car door is open, you can look inside.

Look In Car Door = Find A Toolbox
Wrench From Toolbox + Car = Fixed Car
Use Car = Car Has Started

Nancy then goes to the statue/fountain, which is also part of
the attraction.

Look at Fountain = Find A Token
Token + Token Machine = Start The Attraction

The attraction begins! The car starts driving forward, the
statue shoots a tire of the car, and the car crashes into a
wall. Nancy's not sure how the car gets repaired at the end of
the ride, but that doesn't matter! We have access to the docks

Look At Docks Poster = Nancy Goes To The Docks

004s-Chapter Nineteen: Fishing for Evidence

Nancy is now at the docks, and the audio tour here is broken, as
we learned earlier. Plug her decrypter into the audio wires and
win the decryption minigame in order to hear the audio tour!

The audio tour says that the blueprints for the original set are
rumored to be in this exact location. All right! Let's find

First, lets examine the nets and rope near the start of the
dock. Nancy has to identify where the paw prints are headed, and
she has to pull up the rope.

Use Rope = Pull It Up To Get a Slingshot
Paw Prints On Floor + Net = Find Fish Heads
Fish Heads + Slingshot = Working Slingshot

There are binoculars on a crate on the right. You can use them
to look at things. Oh, the joy!

Binoculars + Ship = See Ship's Name
Binoculars + Lamp Light = See Something Inside Light
Slingshot + Lamp Light = Hot Key Falls Down
Bucket Near Rope + Water = Water In Bucket
Bucket Of Water + Hot Key = Cool Key
Key + Locked Box On Left = Unlocked Box
Look At Box = Finds A Crane Hook
Hook + Crane Pulley = Hook Attached

There's a crate on the far right.

Use Crate = Opens Crate To Find A Wrench
Wrench + Pulley = Working Crane
Use Crane By Pulling The Rope To Lower The Crane
Use Crane By Pulling the Rope To Raise The Crane
Look At Red Waterproof Box = Find Plans
Look At Plans = Read Plans

Nancy reads the plans, which are the blueprints for the original
Pharaoh set. Apparently, the set for the final scene is under
the house on Main Street. Off to Main Street we go!

004t-Chapter Twenty: Eating Crow

The area here is dark, so use the batteries on your flashlight
to see.


There are sixteen crows here, as well as sixteen objects. Each
object goes with a crow of the same color.

For example, the green can goes with a crow that has a green
foot bracelet. There are a few crows with green foot bracelets,
so pick any one you like.

There's not much to this challenge besides finding out where
everything is, and where the various crows are. It will probably
take a couple of times before you remember the location of all
thirty-two crows.

The crows leave when you match all thirty-two of them. Now Nancy
can access the cellar! Use the lock pick on the cellar door to
enter the lock-picking challenge. 

004u-Chapter Twenty-One: Let There Be Light...

It's dark in the cellar, which means it's time for yet another
timed challenge. Oh boy!

Light the ten candles in this room before time goes out. I
recommending finding all ten candles BEFORE picking up the
matches (in the left/middle) and starting the timer for this
challenge. It makes things easier.

Lighting the candles reveals a golden sarcophagus. Look at it to
learn that Nancy can't pick the lock with her lock picker.

Look at the crate on the dirt in the lower/left. It's a crate of
Flash Boom! You know, the explosive devices that were stolen
from the prop room? Seems like someone is using it to look for
the lost footage.

Nancy hears someone outside, and immediately leaves to see who
it is. It's Eda! And of course, it's time for a conversation.

Nancy discovered...WHO HAS BEEN SPYING ON EDA.

Eda is surprised, because she thought Arthur is the culprit.
After all, Arthur has a secret safe with something super secret
and super interesting inside, and now that Nancy has practically
been told to rob Arthur's safe, that's what she decides to do.

004v-Chapter Twenty-Two: Safe Keeping

There's an envelope on the desk. Read it to learn that the
decoder is in the Valley of the Kings set. Nancy will have to go
there in the next video.

Use the blinds to lift them up and reveal a card. Look at the
card to read it. It says "the combination to the safe is plane
to see".

This is an easy enough puzzle. See the plane figurine against
the right side of the game screen? Use it. This opens a secret
panel above the cabinet in the corner.

Look at the secret panel to find the code to the safe. Let's
see, the numbers are Sammy's birthday, the Treasure Island
volume and the coat inspector. 

Look At Calendar = Learn Sammy's Birthday
Look At Bookshelf = Learn Treasure Island Volume
Look At Coat = Learn Coat Inspector
Calendar + Safe = Enter First Number
Book + Safe = Enter Second Number
Coat + Safe = Enter Third Number
Use Safe = Open Safe

Look at the safe to find bolt cutters and a phone number. Nancy
figures she should call this number. Use the phone to call the
number and learn that Arthur is in contact with Lydia Linn, the
Tinsel Town Tattler columnist. You know, the one who's been
writing those articles about the movie filming? Arthur must be
the one who's been giving her all those inside scoops.

004w-Chapter Twenty-Three: Valley of the Kings

Nancy goes to the filming area. We know the decoder is the
Valley of the Kings set, but which set is that?

Use the screen to turn it on. They were working on scene 73
today. Select the screen and the storyboard to locate where the
props for that scene are. Sensibly enough, the props for scene
73 are in Crate #73.

The screen pans right to show where the crates are. Look at
Crate #73, which is on the top of the pile. It's the crate from
the manifest in Arthur's Office!

Once you look at the crate, use it to open it. The blueprints
inside confirm that Nancy is looking for something from the
Valley of the Kings set...and it's probably an ark.

There is a large prop (shaped like the Washington Monument, but
orange-colored) lying on the ground. Use it to make a bridge
that leads to the Valley of the Kings set.

Grab the shovel against the right-hand side of the screen and
use it on the sand left of the pyramids. To be specific, you
want to use it on the top part of the sand. Nancy will unearth
the golden ark.

Look at the ark to get another decoder puzzle. The clue tells
you to enter another name for the Naja Haje. The answer is
EGYPTIAN COBRA, so spell those two words out by pressing blue

Inside the ark is...the key to the sarcophagus under the house
in main street! All right! Now that we have the key, we can get
to the area with the lost footage!

But first, it's time to wrap up a lot of loose ends to the plot.
Nancy calls everyone together, and talks about all her various

Nancy saw...JORGE'S PHOTO LAB.
Nancy calmed Eda down after...SOMEONE PUT A SNAKE IN HER LOCKER.
The wardrobe room was Nancy's next stop...AFTER SEEING THE
Molly was worried Nancy would...KEEP HER FROM FINDING THAT LOST

Nancy explains that Molly put the snake in Eda's locker. This
was done to scare off Nancy. Molly did it when Nancy was
examining the video chip of a mysterious cloaked figure breaking
into the prop room. She also let the reptiles out of their cages
to scare Nancy.

Molly did all this to scare Nancy off the case, because Molly
wants to find the lost footage. Molly claims she didn't use the

Also, Eda admits that she's been feeding the black cat. Jorge
says he took pictures of Eda because she has the Lois Manson
Curse Mark on her back, just like Lois did...only it turns out
that's just a scar from Eda's tattoo removal.

Arthur orders everyone off the set for the night. Once everyone
is gone, Nancy confronts Arthur with the knowledge that HE is
the one who caused the accidents. It was just a publicity ruse.
Arthur admits this is true, and he seems depressed about the
movie's chances.

Arthur begs Nancy to find the lost footage, which is probably
the only thing that could save him from financial ruin.

004x-Chapter Twenty-Four: The Fire Within...

Nancy returns to the sarcophagus under the house on main street.
Now that she has the key, she can get inside and reach the area
with the hidden footage.

Just like in Chapter Twenty-One, you have the challenge of
lighting all ten candles before time runs out. You have less
time in this chapter than you did in that chapter. My strategy
is the same as last time--find all the candles ahead of time, so
you know where they are. THEN start lighting them.

Once the candles are lit, it's time for your last lock-picking
challenge. Pick the lock on the sarcophagus, as you've done a
few times already in this game. Nancy then climbs down a ladder
to another area.

It looks like someone has been trying to excavate the area with
Flash Boom. Nancy then starts the Flash Boom minigame. In this
game, you get to drop bombs and matches in the playing area. If
you have two bombs of the same color next to each other, drop a
match which is the same color on them, and they explode.

It's a very simple game. If you drop a match but it's not next
to two bombs of the same color, it burns out after a few
seconds. If you set off an explosion that isn't next to any
rocks, rocks will fall from the ceiling.

Set off bombs in an attempt to blow away all the rubble! That's
the end of the chapter! The next chapter is the last one, so get

004y-Chapter Twenty-Five: The Final Scene

Oh no, it's dark down here! We need light.

The light is shining on batteries which Nancy can use on her

You can see a little bit. Notice how there's a golden object
near the end of the beam of light? Use this object, and Nancy
moves it so the light reflects off of it, creating a brand new
beam of light.

Follow this beam of light, and near the end of it is another
golden object. Use this to make a new beam of light.

Repeat this process seven times. That is, reflect the beam of
light off of seven different objects to solve this puzzle. It's
a timed puzzle, so move quickly. You get an unlimited number of
times to attempt to solve this puzzle, so don't worry if you
mess up a few times.

Click the arrow to go left, and look at the paper under the
column. The paper tells you about the Lois Puzzle you're about
to solve.

Lois flies with a grace unrehearsed,
Lois quenches the desert's deep thirst,
Thirdly, she creeps and scurries and stings,
And lastly, she honors the deaths of great kings

You might have noticed there are sixteen pieces of wood here.
Each piece of wood has a picture of a bird, rain, scorpion or
pyramid, along with the letter L, O, I or S.

The first line of the clue talks about flying, so that must mean
you're looking for a bird. Spell out "Lois" in bird-planks. That

Use piece of wood with the L-Bird
Use piece of wood with the O-Bird
Use piece of wood with the I-Bird
Use piece of wood with the S-Bird

The second clue is about rain, so...

Use piece of wood with the L-Rain
Use piece of wood with the O-Rain
Use piece of wood with the I-Rain
Use piece of wood with the S-Rain

The third clue is about scorpions, so...

Use piece of wood with the L-Scorpion
Use piece of wood with the O-Scorpion
Use piece of wood with the I-Scorpion
Use piece of wood with the S-Scorpion

And finally, the last clue is about pyramids.

Use piece of wood with the L-Pyramid
Use piece of wood with the O-Pyramid
Use piece of wood with the I-Pyramid
Use piece of wood with the S-Pyramid

A movie reel is revealed when the puzzle is solved. Look at it,
and Nancy concludes that it is most likely the lost footage.
Along with the footage is a letter from Z.B. Collingwood saying
that he stole the Jewel of Karnak for himself; the jewel that
was used in the film is merely a replica.

Then, Eda appears and asks for the jewel. She's disappointed to
learn it was NEVER on the movie set. She asks how she can be
famous now. Nancy sarcastically responds...


Eda gets the not-so-safe idea of trapping Nancy inside this area
here. If someone dies, that'll get a LOT of publicity for the
movie! Oh no! What is she thinking? You can't KILL someone just
for publicity!

Now, Nancy has to do the excavation minigame again, but this
time, she's competing with Eda. Clear out your side of the
screen (the left side) before Eda clears out her side of the
screen (the right side). You can blow up crates to make more
rubble fall on her side of the screen.

There are three rounds of the excavation minigame, and then it's
game over! Nancy makes it out alive, and you get to see what
happens to everyone afterwards. If you got enough points, you
get to see the bonus ending, where things happen a little


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