Nancy Drew Files: My Opinion

I just have to come out and say it.  I do not like the Nancy Drew Files.  Over the last several months we’ve been “collecting” any and all Nancy Drew books we came across at the thrift stores and managed to get a couple of the Files.  I read them, but they just didn’t do it for me.  They were not MY Nancy Drew, the sophisticated, smart and ever-brilliant girl that she is, yet I couldn’t pin-point exactly what it was.

Now my daughter, on the other hand, who has just officially become a teenager absolutely loves them and picked up a couple at the library the other day.  And since they are Nancy Drew, I decided to read them.  Well, I think I might have figured out what it is I don’t like.

I just read Two Points to Murder, the eighth book in the series.  In this story, Nancy has been summonsed to Emerson College, the school that Ned Nickerson attends and plays basketball for.  Someone is playing practical jokes on the team, causing them to lose their morale.  Nancy quickly determines a few suspects, but the main guy happens to be one of the team’s best players and Ned’s best friend, Mike.  Well, Ned doesn’t take to kindly to this development and let’s Nancy know what he thinks about it.  As usual, in the end, Nancy gets it all figured out and saves the day.

Overall, I liked the plot of the story.  There are still “exciting” moments of “uh-oh” and Nancy still uses her good wits to get out of some pretty dire straits, but my problem with the story (and the Nancy Drew Files in general) is the personalities.  Nancy and Ned both really came off as just a couple immature, hot-headed know-it-alls and Bess and George contributed nothing to the story.  They seemed to just be placeholders so there would be a string of continuity between the original Nancy Drews and this set.

So there it is, as much as I love Nancy Drew, I do not like “The Nancy Drew Files”.

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