Nancy Drew Files: Part Deux

Today’s theme song for the Nancy Drew Files is “I’ve Been Redeemed,” thanks to Secrets Can Kill.

This afternoon I sat down and read the first “Case Files” book,  Secrets Can Kill, and much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it.  True, I knew who the culprit was within the first few minutes, but these books aren’t exactly meant to be real thought provoking.

In this book, Nancy is asked to go undercover as a student at a nearby high school to find out who’s been breaking into offices and stealing video equipment and whatever else may or may not be missing.

As she arrives to school, Principal Parton pairs Nancy up with Student President Daryl Gray as her contact for the case.  Not only is he the student president, but he’s also quite popular, good-looking, and drives a nice Porsche.  Ned had better watch out!  As usual, the main suspects are determined quickly and Nancy sets out to get all the puzzle pieces and put them together.  The story has quite a bit of action and overall was just an enjoyable, lazy afternoon read.

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