Nancy Drew: Warnings At Waverly Academy – Game Review

Nancy Drew: Warnings At Waverly Academy – Game Review

By: Roberto Sedycias

Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy is a great new game that is sure to please Nancy Drew mystery fans. It is an improvement from the last Nancy Drew video game that came out, and it has better detail in the graphics.

For many Nancy Drew book fans, emerging computer games make it even more fun to solve mysteries. In the computer you can control how slow you move through the game or in which direction you will take, the game moves around as you do and many people love that sense of control.

A disappointing feature in this game was the limiting areas of game play. Nancy Drew joins a girls only boarding school and must live in to solve a mystery, however there are not enough rooms to explore and it can leave fans feeling rather tight squeezed in the corridors of the boarding school and its limited access.

The plot is not disappointing; in fact many people are saying that it is one of her best. Nancy Drew lives in a boarding school to solve the mystery of the black cat. A black cat has been sending kids threatening messages and Nancy must find out why.

In the game, Nancy is able to communicate with lots of characters as she plunges through the game. There are many puzzles to solve as she tries to ultimately solve the game. This game is in the first person and the screen moves around by pressing on the arrow keys. It has been noted that the voice acting of Nancy is excellent and sounds very good.

Nancy Drew is able to keep track of all the school`s latest gossip through a social networking site on her cell phone, that little feature may have fans relating to her as they too might do the same at their schools. Nancy is also able to use her photography to battle assignments as she attempts to solve the case.

This game was a sure improvement to the last game that came out. It lives up to Nancy Drew`s reputation for having great storylines, and excellent mysteries to solve. The graphics showed improvement and so did the detail in the artwork including face details.

This game requires certain things to run; windows XP/vista 1 GHz or, greater Pentium, class CPV, 256 MB of ram, 1 GB or more, 32 MB direct 9.0 computer video card. To find out if your computer is able to run this game just learn what programs are on your notebook or computer or ask a computer associate for advice.

Nancy Drew fans will most definitely be excited about this game. The character stays true to her as she does what only she can do best and that is to solve mysteries. This game loads easily and runs with not problems making it an easy game to purchase, play and love. If you`re stuck at any time during the game there is a handy reference book to look up any questions you may have.

The internet also has some websites that are dedicated to Nancy Drew and features gaming cheat sheets and advice on what to do in her games. It is best to try to solve the game on your own as that is the more challenging way to play it. At the end of the game there is one timed puzzled that Nancy must solve and it is worth all the drama just to get to the end and solve the final mystery.

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