New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Nancy Drew on Campus - Book 17
New Beginnings cover art
Nancy Drew on Campus – Book 17
New Beginnings

Even when your hopes are sky-high, the past can break your heart…

Bess has returned to Wilder, but she’s far from her old self. Behind her brave smile, the tragic accident is still taking a secret toll. And while Bess is back on campus, George may soon be gone. Her tuition money has vanished in a scam, and if Nancy can’t get to the bottom of it, George will have no choice but to drop out of school!

Jonathan, meanwhile, has come out and said the words Stephanie has longed to hear: “I love you.” So why is she suddenly flirting with every guy she meets? Nancy, however, is just flirting with trouble. As good as things are with Jake, she’s met someone who’s brought back memories of the good old days… with Ned Nickerson!

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