Nobody’s Business

Nobody’s Business

The Nancy Drew Files - Case 67
Nobody's Business cover art
The Nancy Drew Files – Case 67
Nobody’s Business

A young man’s investment
in the future draws Nancy
a partnership with danger!

Ned’s pal Andrew Lockwood has big plans for the grand old Lakeside Inn. With a little help from his friends, he’s going to turn it into the hottest rock club this side of Chicago. But a series of strange and sinister accidents have turned Andrew’s design into a blueprint for terror — and someone is bound to get hurt.

The someone is Ned, who falls from a balcony and lands in the hospital. The Lakeside job has turned into a dirty business, and Nancy’s determined to clean it up. But digging into the darkest corners of the Lakeside Inn’s past, she quickly discovers that she may be digging her own grave!

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